What in world is the universe telling me?

Hello everyone! I need your help with my tarot today.

Yesterday I did a 3-card Mind/Body/Soul check-in reading and pulled Death, 4 of Swords, and The Pillar (The Empress). Took this así need to take some time to quiet the din in my life, deepening my self-love and honoring my self/body. To not resist this transition and “go with the flow”.

While I was shuffling a dropped what I thought was a single card. I knew it was me dropping it and not a jumper so I put it back and and kept shuffling.

Today, I did a Energy of the Day/Focus On/Avoid reading, pulling the Sovereign (Queen) of Swords, Seeker (Page) of Wands, and Rev. The Pillar (Empress). I read that as the energy today is separating feelings from fact, acknowledging my fears of success/failure/confinement and then move forward while not focusing on what I’m not doing. To create a foundation is confidence and self-love. In line with yesterday’s check in, ok.

As I’m pulling out my desk chair, I see three cards under my desk. I must have dropped them yesterday when I dropped the other but I swear they weren’t they. My desk area isn’t big.

What in the world is the universe telling me? Any input between these 3 cards and my previous readings are welcome.

TIA! Blessed Be.


I would say that these three extra cards you found are reminding you to live your values, that sometimes it isn’t easy and requires a shift in perspective to see things clearly. Through what you’re doing with your other readings, maybe there is something going on that you think you see clearly or that you might not see at all. Justice, for me in this situation, is about balancing your words and your actions, making sure that you’re not just talking the talk but also walking the walk, so to speak. Maybe there’s a way you can live more true to yourself but it requires having a strong will and determination to get there.


This resonates with me so much. I’ve recently been doubting myself while everyone else is telling me how amazing I am. I feel like I’m not being me but who other people want me to be sometimes. I’m going to dig deeper into this. Thanks!!


You’re welcome! :blush: I’m happy to help! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Amaris_Bane I feel that victory is on its way for you and it’s up to you to be in that energy to receive it. This is why the hanged man card is being presented to you. You are stuck and cannot see the end of the tunnel. Hopefully you can count on deeper forces to bring balance in your life. Keep your positivity and be the light! Good luck!


This makes sense as well. I have felt stuck in a rut recently and questioning myself. My recent readings have been telling me to recenter so I think I’m going to take their advice and use my 4-day weekend to do some inner reflections and figure out what path I want to be on.



Your cards are so cool. Do you ever draw another clarifying card for a reading? Not in this particular reading, I mean, but in previous ones? Like if your spread is bewildering in some way, do you draw another card to clarify it?

I do that sometimes. More and more.

I do that as well, with cards that somehow make their way to the floor (or under my butt, LOL). Another message for me. Perhaps :slight_smile: Or me being clumsy


Thank you! They are the Weaver Tarot Ascendent edition. I was able to purchase it for a discount because the box had “cosmetic flaws”, which I could never find. I love them because they are not only beautifully but gender-neutral, which is a great step forward to be inclusive.

But to your question, I do pull a clarification card all the time! Especially if I’m working with my deities.


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