What spell to use for people to finish what they started?

I would like to do a spell but I’m not exactly sure what to use as far as herbs and candles, crystals etc. I’m still learning.

I would like to do a spell to put it out there that my yardwork in my front yard and backyard gets finished. There is a couple who is procrastinating on finishing all the projects. It’s been since June and it’s now almost October. I keep getting excuse after excuse and I’ve had it. So I want to put it out there in the universe that however it happens my front and backyard get finished and finalized and all projects completed. I would like to do a spell I just don’t know what to use or how to go about searching for the correct one on spells8.

I want to do it this way because I do not want to affect anyone else’s free well but the universe will work it out and figure it out on how to go about getting my yards finished. I just don’t know what herbs, oils, candles and what have you to use. If I have to use Crystals as well, should they be put in a sachet or in a bowl. Does anyone have any advice on this?


@jennifer59 you could try the road opener spell that is on the site. It’s easy to do and very effective.


Oh thank you so much. I will definitely take a look at that spell. Blessed be :heartpulse::pray:t2::heartpulse::pray:t2:


Good choice @crystal24! I second this recommendation.


Welcome @jennifer59!

I agree with Crystal and Amethyst- it sounds like the Road Opener could be a good spell for you!

And no worries- it is absolutely natural to be unsure when you’re just starting out. As you build confidence with your casting, I recommend experimenting with making your own spells. That may seem daunting at first- but it’s easier than you may think! :grin:

Here is a guide if you’d like to learn how to design your own custom spells to exactly suit your situation:

How to Write Your Own Spells

There are also some great tips over in My Spellwriting Process, and @Silverbear shared a fantastic guide (now with audio as a podcast!) called Can You Cast a Spell for Me? meant to help encourage new witches to begin writing their own personal spells :two_hearts:

To help you build your confidence, I also highly recommend the following guide for some encouragement:

How to Cast Spells when you are New and Unsure

It sounds like you have a beautiful intention and direction to go in, it’s just a matter of learning how to put the pieces in place to cast beautiful magick of your own creation. I’m cheering for you, Jennifer! Wishing you all the best with your spellwork :blush:

Love and Light! :sparkles:


I agree that the Road Opener spell might be a good way to go.

I am also of the opinion that if you’ve got a contract, verbal or otherwise, with these people that are supposed to do these projects, it’s well within my ethical guidelines to give them a little nudge. It would just be a reminder of sorts, like saying “Hey, you said you were going to do this thing and you’re not doing it. If there’s nothing getting in your way besides laziness, procrastination, or you just don’t want to do it, then you need to either get it done or move out of the way.” This way it’s covered if there are extenuating circumstances, i.e. they have sick family members they’re taking care of, they’ve been sick themselves, or they’ve had other things to take care of.

Something you could do would be to literally light a fire under them. This would look like taking their names/images of them/company logo/etc. and holding it over a flame but not too close to burn or catch fire. As you do this, you could literally speak those words I just said. Something like, “So-and-so, you have an obligation that you need to fulfill or you need to get out of the way. Either way, you need to make up your mind, make a decision, and communicate that with me.” This is the magical equivalent of lighting a fire under their asses, so to speak :laughing:


Thank you for explaining that! There was a verbal contract but nothing written. But verbal has energy too. This is amazing! I will definitely try this. I did do the Road Opener spell last night and I called in Hecate (who came to me previously when I did the Goddess ritual and announced herself to me :heartpulse:) I asked for her assistance with my first spell last night.

I will definitely try your suggestions. I know I am new at this and I just want to make sure that I do not interfere with others free will or their soul paths. But I feel comfortable with your suggestions and the intention/meaning behind it, if that makes sense. Much love my blessed friend, much love!!

Blessed Be!


I’m happy that my explanation made sense! I hope it all works out well for you :heart:


Agree, the road opener spell is highly effective and easy.
Blessed Be


I’m sorry that you’re going through this tough situation! I see that you’ve got some great spells. I got you on the crystals!!! Just set them next to the candle in the spell to amplify the energy. If there is a jar/ pouch, add it if not then just place one in a place closest to the neighbors or whoever has to do the yard work. Maybe near the front/back door.

Carnelian is great for enhancing passion for getting things done, overcoming laziness.

Honey Calcite helps us to take inspired action while boosting confidence.

Ametrine is great for helping bemreak through any blocks and boosting confidence.

Some more:
Pyrite, tiger eye, red jasper, lapis lazuli, and moss agate.

I wish you well with them getting the yard work done!!!


Thank you very much! I really appreciate you advising which crystals to use :heartpulse::heartpulse::pray:t2:


You’re welcome :relaxed:


Thank you so much, i will definitely check these classes out. I do look forward to making my own spells!!


You are very welcome, @jennifer59! Writing your own spells can seem intimidating at first, but once you start doing it the possibilities are truly limitless :blush::sparkles: If you have any questions, feel free to reach out here in the forum!

Good luck and blessed spellwork! :sparkling_heart: