What work to do with dieties

Hello everyone

I a, still very u h near the beginning of my journey with deity work. I have been drawn to the Egyptian pantheon and particularly the Osiris, ISis and Horus triad. I’ve had vivid dreams, meditations, signs and even woke up drawing the eye of Horus on my forehead.

What I am wondering, is there somewhere (site or books) that gives information on what to work with deities on i.e. what can I ask the different deities for help with?

I apologise if this has an obvious answer that I am just not seeing.

Blessed be


Hey Cosmic! :sparkles: This is a fantastic question – no need to apologize!

Often when people talk about deity work, and I will be using my own experience here, what we mean is working with a deity to achieve a goal. Sometimes this isn’t the case and people will choose to work with a deity because they vibe with them, they like their mythology, or they feel really drawn to them for one reason or another.

You can pretty much ask a deity for help with anything – whether they choose to help you is up to them, of course! Sometimes deities will only help with certain subjects, activities, and times in your life. The best way to know that is to learn more about that deity, their mythology, and ask them through trance or meditation.

I hope that helps to answer your question! :heart:


Hey @Cosmic_Curiosity! This is a great question.

As Meghan started, each person interacts with deities in different ways. I’ve worked short term with a handful of deities to achieve a specific goal. I do also have two patron deities, or deities that are here “for the long haul.” They have made it clear that I am their student/disciple/priestess, however you want to label it. I will say that as a newbie, I wouldn’t try to get to that level right away - it’s A LOT of work.

As for what you can ask or work with them on, it all depends on the deity. My patron god is Hades. He usually turns a dead ear pleas or praise. He will help you, but you have to do the work and he’ll guide you along the way. My goddess, Hel, may or may not give you aid, depending on whether she feels it will interfere with your purpose. Both have been amazing for me to work with, overcoming and accepting my shadow self and healing my childhood trauma/depression.

There are a lot of great resources on the web but also some sketchy ones. I second Megan’s recommendation of continuing through reading their mythology and through meditation.


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