What would you recommend?

I have a small witchy business where I sometimes do group readings for tarot. There’s one client who continues to buy our group readings for herself and a few close friends. Every time, the friends of the client seem to hit spot on. But when it comes to the client herself, it seems like the cards aren’t resonating at all besides the first initial reading we did by ourselves.

The cards seem to always say there’s a distress in her life and that she’s going through some chaos right now, but it’s something that needs to be gone through to reach new and brighter things (even got the tower the last time which was almost 2 weeks ago now)
However, she states that nothing in her life is chaotic and that she’s actually been doing very well for herself.

I can’t seem to understand it and was curious on anyone’s experiences and thoughts? I can’t make the cards say what she wants to hear, but I don’t want to continue charging this lady if her cards are always wrong?

Thank you for any advice! She has another group reading tomorrow, so I’m hoping for some solution or some advice before then. :heart: :pensive: It’s beginning to wear on my confidence as a reader.


Hi @autumn7 . I’m going to @MeganB for this, she will probably be a great help for this situation.
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Hey Autumn :wave:

My first instinct is that the cards are resonating with the client but she doesn’t want to say so because she’s with a group of friends. This can be difficult for the client to confront if her life is falling apart but she doesn’t want to appear weak with her friends. I am a bit of a pessimist, though, so this might not be the case.

It could just be that the client’s energy gets mixed together with everyone else’s during the reading and the cards can’t quite pick up on who they’re supposed to be reading for. I’m not sure how you read for your clients, but maybe you can try letting her shuffle the cards well and handle them before you read for her. Cleanse the cards beforehand and create an energetic barrier around just the two of you so the cards can more accurately hone in on her energy.

Lastly you could always try a different deck if you have one.

Sometimes the cards will tell us things that are coming or things that we don’t want to see, which I’m sure you know. It could be that these are things going on behind the scenes in her subconcious that she isn’t quite aware of yet. I wouldn’t worry about continuing to charge her. If she wants to pay for it, that’s on her. You could always offer a refund or a free reading for her since the readings so far haven’t resonated. That’s what I do :woman_shrugging:

I hope this all helped and that you’re able to figure it out! Keep us updated :hugs:


I think @MeganB is spot on in all that she said. Funny even before I read the response I was thinking this same thing and also about trying a different deck and see if you get similar results. Another thought is maybe she is not aware of the concerns your cards are telling her so you might suggest that she stay alert to subtle things that might be warning signs.
Blessed be.


Maybe your deck has a habit of telling hard-to-swallow truth!

I agree with Megan and Saulamay, and I wouldn’t ignore the cards. The Tower itself is about revelation and abrupt change so I’d say your intuition is probably right on this one.


There are several things you can do, one is to cleanse and re-consecrate your cards, or try another deck. Best of luck.


You’ve got some great advice not go get em tiger! :tiger2:. :sparkling_heart: