What's your favourite? Link the correspondence... 🤔

Oakey dokey artichokey this is not some miraculous musings from my own brain I was scrolly-doodling (ok preemptive text guessed what word I wanted just then and I have never typed that before… hmmm strange. :rofl: my devices are starting to learn Jess-isms) sorry back on track… I was perusing Pinterest and i found this…

Image source: Pinterest

I dunno I thought that it may be something for us all to have a think about and see if there’s anything to it? I dunno what do you guys think? :thinking:

if anyone can’t read the image let me know and I’ll type it out for you. In plain English I promise. No Jess-isms :rofl:

Come to think of it I actually have to stop and think properly about my favourites. Do i even have a proper favourite? I feel like i have a couple of opinions for each. Trust me to make a simple task complicated. :woman_facepalming:

And apologies for the Aussie way of spelling! :kangaroo: we do like our extra 'U’s maybe that’s cause we’re “down under” boom boom.

Oh my. Jess it is late. Go to bed. Hahaha nighty night everyone.


Smart devices these days are very smart indeed- sounds like yours have learned a new language, a very special language called Jess-isms! :laughing: :+1: :heart:

Never any need to apologize for different ways of spelling! When I read words with different ways of spelling, my little inner voice reads them in the accent- it adds some :sparkles: spice :sparkles: to the black and white text, it makes it a lot of fun! :joy::two_hearts:

I think that going through your favorite witchy items and checking for any overlaps with correspondences is a fantastic idea- who knows what exciting things you’ll discover! Perhaps a new deity or previously unknown pattern in your spellwork that you weren’t aware of before.

This would be an especially great activity for a rainy day or when you have the urge to do some spellwork but not quite enough motivation to actually get out your spell ingredients (aka me- I’ve been guilty of this a lot recently :sweat_smile: )

Thanks so much for sharing this, Jess! :heart:


I am totally trying this out…. Now I just have to pair down some favorites!