When best time to start a week and a day

I was wanting some opinions of when is the best time to start a week and a day Wicca learning. Like which Sabbat or esbat or does it really matter?


Personally, I’d pick any New Moon but I don’t think it really matters all that much. Depends on the group!


Hi @michelle64! Using the pagan calendar on the Spells8 site, it starts with Monday as the first day of the week & ending on Sunday.

Typically, Samhain is the “Witches New Year”, the sabbats fall on specific days correlating with things like Solstices, Equinox, or periods within the seasons.

  • Samhain: October 31 (Same each year)
  • Yule: December 21
  • Imbolc: February 1 (Same each year)
  • Ostara: March 21
  • Beltane: May 1 (Same each year)
  • Litha: June 21
  • Lammas/Lughnasdah: August 1 (Same each year)
  • Mabon: September 22

Four of the Sabbats fall on the days of the equinox/solstices/season change & may change based on those time frames. The four that do not change & are recognized on the same day each year I noted for you

I hope that helps, if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask & we will try to answer your question the best we can for you :smiling_face: :hugs:

The Astrological New Year is when Aries :aries: Season starts.


“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best is now”

I find it is the same with everything.

Ritually there may be an optimal time for anything, but to enter the path and move forward is best done now

Love and Light


Warm greetings @michelle64,

This is a great question! I hope you don’t mind that I moved it into the Questions & Answers Category of the forum- this way the coven will know to pop in and share their thoughts. And I can see you’ve already got some great answers! :grinning:

Like Amethyst and Siofra mentioned, there are many points in time throughout the year that would serve as a great starting point- certain moon phases and Sabbats associated with new periods of time or a fresh start are symbolically very well-suited to the start of a new journey :railway_track:

That being said, I really love the quote that Shadeweaver shared:

When things align and you feel called to something new- go ahead and jump in! When it comes to something as positively life-changing as a new spiritual path, there’s never really a wrong time to get started. Getting started and giving it a try is always better than not beginning at all.

Listen to your heart and let it guide you forward, Michelle! If you need any help or support, you have a friendly coven here at your side- we are cheering for you! :infinite_roots: :blush:

Much love and many blessings :sparkles:


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