When did you know you wanted to be a witch?

well my whole life ive always been connected to nature. i spent most of my childhood years hiding in the woods that surounded our ranch. but at one point the woods started to make me feel safe even in the pitch black dark. and ive always been able to read people like i can just feel if there dangourous or not and weirdly animals have always had a close connection to me. once or twice i was stood face to face with a wolf. so to sum up i guess ive always been a witch, just never knew it. plus add into that of my obsession with greek and celtic lore aswell as the story of lilith. i often go to christan churches with friends who are christan and often i spend my time trying to find any knolage on lilith in there books. i know in there books shes called a demon. but i just want to piece together her whole story. so ive almost always wanted to be a witch just never really had a proper term for it.