When you just can't meditate

Get a timer and set it for 3 minutes during this meditation.
That’s it…just start small and have a listen…


I just did this & found most of the time it’s anxiety & ansty feelings like I need to move. That’s my resistance not being able to sit still long enough & my brain wanders around too much.

I do much better with guided meditations though. I’m working on small amounts of time without the guided part of it.

Have a great day! Thank you for putting this together :heart:


Just remember - there is no “wrong” way to meditate. If you need guided meditations that is perfectly fine. You are already doing very well by even showing up to try! :slight_smile:


Something that helps me when I’m in the kind of mood where I can’t do the stereotypical “sit and don’t move” type of meditation is to do a walking meditation. Meditation doesn’t have to be immobilizing oneself – I find that some of my most useful meditation sessions are during a walking meditation.

My view on mediation is that it’s supposed to bring me to a state where I can focus on the present moment, whether it’s sitting still and focusing on my breathing and allowing my mind to completely empty, or sitting there and observing the continuous stream of thoughts circling in my mind.

When I feel the need to meditate but just don’t want to be sitting still, I’ll go outside and walk up and down the driveway. If the weather’s bad or I’m just not wanting to go outside, sometimes I’ll just pace back and forth inside. As I walk or pace, I do the typical meditation stuff. I’ll start by taking a few deep breaths, and then focus on my breathing for a while. After that, I’ll pick something to focus on, whether it’s continuing to focus on the air going in and out of my nostrils, the sound and/or feeling of my feet on the ground, or the sound of the birds chirping. Again (for me at least), meditation is about focusing on the present: the sights, sounds, feelings, etc. If a thought comes up, I just allow myself to notice it and then allow it to slip away without judging it or myself for having a thought.

This method of “walking meditation” can also be adapted for people with differing physical abilites. It could be done from a wheelchair or powerchair, or even just sitting in place if physical activity is difficult or needs to be adapted for different mobiltiy devices. It also allows for the ability to focus on different things if being done by someone with ADD. If someone has to be up and physically moving around, it can also allow them the ability to be able to do whatever they need to do to meditate in a way that works for them – the options are endless :slight_smile: As @SilverBear said, there’s no wrong way to meditate :smiley:


@Siofra I’m the same, most times it is hard to get my mind to slow down enough to meditate. I think I always have to be busy busy busy, but I do guided as well.
Blessed Be,


@wade This sounds interesting. I will have to try this.
Thanks for sharing. :hugs:


Try jumping up and down, shake your arms and legs until you are winded. Then catch your breath, sit, close your eyes, concentrate on your deep breathing. Continue with your meditation.
What you’re trying to do is shake off anxiety and the compulsive need to move. Hopeful Blessings.


@Garnet thank you so much! I will try to expel the energy this afternoon when I do a meditation! I will let you know how it goes!

@Rowan I love the guided meditations from Spells8 & @SilverBear’s meditations. I still use Headspace too. They have some good ones for anxiety & such.

@wade I could do that also, I walk up to the top of my street & back or around my house a few times a day. I could add in some meditation or focus to those short walks too!


I am an avid labyrinth goer - a walking meditation is more appealing to me than sitting still. There is a great site https://labyrinthlocator.com/ where you can see if there are any local to you.


Thank you for sharing! I’m going to look into that, I go walking once a week as the weather gets nicer. This could be something we could do one day or if it’s close enough, I can go on my own! :hugs:


Try walking it is mediating too. Or knitting or crochet, anything that calms the mind with focus is meditating.
Painting any craft you love.