Where can I bury old spell jars, etc.?

I live in a desert with rock solid ground. I have noticed a lot of spell jars, spells, etc. state to bury something. It is pretty much impossible for me to truly bury anything into the ground here. What are some other options I can use?

I want to be able to give back to the earth but I feel a bit stuck on how to do so.

Thank you!


In my experience, it usually depends on what the spell is for. I never advocate for burying anything inorganic or non-native to the area in the ground. We want to leave the Earth better than we found it, and polluting it with spell jars just isn’t the way to go, in my opinion. If you’re disposing of old spell jars, you can actually just dismantle the spell (presuming it’s okay for the jar to be opened) and throw everything out/compost things, wash and cleanse the jar, and re-use it. If you can’t open the jar, such as a witch’s bottle that was used for protection, just throw it away without opening it.

If you still need to bury a jar, you can always get a pot and fill it with potting soil, then bury the jar in there. You’re still burying the jar in Earth, just not in the actual ground.


I think you can bury it in a planter or just throw it away.


That’s a really good idea @Megan Thank you!


Merry meet @kathryn17 and welcome to the community :heart:


Merry meet @kathryn17! :blush:

You’ve got some great advice here- I second what Megan and Flowing said about burying it in a potted plant! So long as the glass jar is small and remains sealed it shouldn’t affect the plant itself and will satisfy the burying step of the spellwork :seedling:

Otherwise you could “bury” it in your house somewhere- putting it deep into a drawer or hiding it somewhere where it can rest until the spellwork is complete. Bury it deep in your mind as well and forget about it- someday in the future it will turn up out of nowhere and you will know it is time to either cleanse and reuse the parts or dispose of it for good as the spell as run its course :+1:

Good luck and blessed be, Kathryn! :sparkles:


Doesn’t have to be a real plant. Just the soil be real. JMO


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