Where in the World are Witches? Community POLL! 🌎

A very warm welcome to all! :hearts:

As many of us practice in solitude, these forums are a great place to come together in spirit and meet other like-minded practitioners- no matter where they may be physically! If you haven’t already, head on over to the Introductions forum and make a post so we can give you a very warm welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

The Spells8 forums are a place to gather and find love and support for practices of all flavors, and we are lucky to have users from all over the globe! :world_map:

So, where in the world are the witches at?
Let’s get to know each other! :fireworks:
(If you call multiple places home, then feel free to vote multiple times!)

  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Oceania
  • Other

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We all bring our unique experiences into our practice, and we have so much to learn from each other! Take some time to talk to someone from a different place in our wonderful world. You may find you have a lot in common, or perhaps you can learn some new methods and tricks to enhance your practice! :two_hearts:

Sending the best of thoughts- Blessed Be! :sparkles:


Europe, specifically England, Berkshire :upside_down_face: I would love to know if anyone’s close to me!


I also live in Europe, currently in Brussels in Belgium :slightly_smiling_face:
@mrs, you actually live closer to me than my parents do :joy:


Add me to the “far-from-home” tribe! :raised_hand:

Originally from Argentina, now living about 7,000 miles away in the Pacific Northwest of the US (Oregon!)

But it’s just like home for me! :house: “Life takes you to unexpected places, love brings you home!”


North America -Oregon USA


Hooray to the Europe crew, @mrs and @christine4! :two_hearts: I haven’t been living in Poland for very long, but I am constantly enthralled with the historic buildings and beautiful nature here. :mountain_snow: :two_hearts:

Cheers to the US crew, @Francisco and @roxanne! I’ve never been to Oregon, but if you both call it home then it must be a very magickal place :blush: :sparkles:.

I’m originally from MA on the east coast of the USA- lots of witchy history there! Salem is a favorite summertime visit of mine. Although the town does have a dark and complicated history, in recent years it has grown to have many wonderful shops run by witches of various paths and types. There’s really something for everyone- from crystal shops, to tarot readings, to incense and spice blenders, to spell book stores, and more! If anyone ever has the chance to visit MA, I do highly recommend a trip to Salem! :crystal_ball: :full_moon:


That has been on my Bucket list for a long time, I love historical places and anything to do with witchy places.

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I hope you get the chance to go someday, @roxanne! :heart_eyes:

If you do make the trip to Salem, I recommend giving it at least 2 days. There are so many museums and historical experiences, but also shops, galleries, re-enactments, and some lovely scenery by the waterfront too! Salem is best known for being a witchy destination, but there’s really something for everyone! From the Peabody Essex Museum, to pirate and Harry Potter boutiques, to traditional incense and crystal shops, the House of Seven Gables, and world-class seafood restaurants- Salem is highly recommended! :star_struck: :world_map:

Definitely let me know if you decide to go- I’d be happy to recommend the best spots and sights! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Just a heads up that going to Salem anytime in the month of October will be a very wild experience :bat: :crystal_ball: :smile:


I’m in the North America crew. New York to be exact. But I dream of living in Europe to be with my family.


@christina4, where in Europe does your family live?


Hooray @christina4 for the North America crew, and double hooray for another east coaster! :heart_eyes: I spent some time studying at a Zen temple in the Catskills- most people think of NYC when they imagine New York, but the state has some absolutely breathtaking natural scenery too! :mountain::two_hearts:


I actually live a half an hour away from the Catskills. And yes, there are so many beautiful places nature has to offer here.


I was in Brussels for the first time in the fall, I love it there so much!!! Are you from there originally ?


New York too! :raising_hand_woman:t4::raising_hand_woman:t4:Where in New York are you?


Hi! Can you explain what Zen temple was ?!


I’m in Hyde Park, NY. You?

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Oh nice! I live in nyc

No, I moved here for work 3 years ago :relaxed: But I agree, Brussels is a beautiful city! Even though it is quite big (on a European scale :grin:), it has a very homey feel to it! Did you have a favorite place you visited while being here?

And I’m originally from northern Germany. That’s definitely something I miss living in Brussels - being close to the sea :ocean:

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Oh wow that’s so cool! Also I meant to say Belgium! I was in Brugge ! It was so cute I loved it


Absolutely, @saige ! I did a Hospitality Internship at Dai Bosatsu Zendo Kongo-ji Temple. It’s part of the Zen Studies Society! They welcome everyone regardless of religious beliefs to come and meditate and be close to nature :evergreen_tree: . They have several artist gatherings and meditation events throughout the year and were some of the kindest, most generous people I have ever met. I had my first intro to Acupuncture :sparkles: and Reiki :raised_hand: here!

Not to mention that the temple is a perfect recreation of Japanese temples- made with materials shipped over from Japan! :japan: