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hi there I’m new to this and wondering where do you guys fine the things for your spells or ritular thanks Crystal


Welcome crystal70! You don’t have to spend a ton of money on your supplies. You can find candle holders, bells, bowls, goblets, bottles, etc. at thrift stores, garage sales or the dollar store. White candles can be used for all spells and you can get white tealights in bulk at the dollar store. Do you need herbs for your spell? Check your pantry and you will be surprised at what you have on hand. Go outside, find a stick and fashion a wand. Do you need an altar cloth, use a scarf. Just look around and think out of the box, and you will be surprised at what you already have available to you.


Welcome to the forum @crystal70 :wave:

My name is Megan and I’m one of the moderators here at Spells8 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’s nice to meet you!

I will admit that most of the things I use in my practice either come from my local witchcraft shop or the grocery store :laughing: I go to the witchcraft shop for things like chime candles, special oils, and more specialized herbs. But if I can find it at the grocery store then that’s where I’m going!

Any tools I have are usually things I have picked up along the way. The dish I use for my prosperity altar is a golden tray I found at a yard sale. I have a crystal bell I found at an estate sale. My fiance likes to find things and buy them for me sometimes, too. Other tools are things I have made myself.


Hi /Crystal welcome to spells8. Many crystals, essential oils, and or herbs can be purchased on the internet, like, Amazon, Etsy, or eBay. there are so many reputable companies on line that I can’t really name them all.


Another thing you can do is use birthday candles. They come in all colors and burn fast for a quick spell. Use play doe or clay to make a candle holder for it.


Hi @crystal70! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia. Welcome to the forum! :infinite_roots:

Crystal Vaults is a good company for reliable crystals, but I mostly order from Amazon. Then again I tend to order everything else from Amazon too. LOL! I’m an Amazon junkie.

But yeah, dollar stores are your friend.


Hello :hugs: @crystal70

Since this is the first time you have posted I just wanted to welcome you to the forum :infinite_roots: It’s nice to meet you, Crystal, I’m Marsha, an Eclectic Solitary Witch, from Colorado.

As for finding things for my spells, I actually find a lot of things online, we also have a little shop here in my city. I have also found some very interesting things in the charity shops, even the dollar stores. Halloween is my favorite time to shop!

Welcome to the family :people_hugging: Crystal, I’m looking forward to seeing you around the forum.

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always


Merry meet @crystal70,

Just want to pop in to wish you a very warm welcome! I’m Bry, another of the moderators here in the forum. It’s a pleasure to meet you :blush:

That’s a great question, and I see that you’ve already got some great answers from the coven! :grinning:

If I can add my two cents in as well, I’m definitely in the “make it work” category of witch. That is to say, I write a lot of my own spells using whatever ingredients I can find- as someone who moves around a lot, there’s not too much I can bring with me in a suitcase. Luckily, many witchy tools are right there in any old kitchen cabinet! It’s amazing what you can do with spices, herbs, and ingredients you already have around the house :house: :herb::blush:

Wishing you all the best- happy spellwork and blessed be! :sparkles:


Hi Crystal, I’m in the Eastern Panhandle of WV. Welcome! You’ve gotten great advice already, but here’s some more. Amazon, and surprisingly, Walmart.com both have good options. Sometimes Etsy, but beware - sometimes the exact same item can be had for less money on Amazon or Walmart.

Mountainroseherbs.com and earthfamilycrystals.com are also sites that I have used. LohmanTrading - Etsy is another.

Thrifts stores and Goodwill are pretty great as well, as others have mentioned. Wherever possible, make or grow your own!

Welcome again!


Welcome! Just wanted to say that since my suggestions have already been commented. Lots of things in the home, outside, the grocery store, the dollar store and every once in a while, I will splurge on something that calls to me at metaphysical stores. But sometimes I just like to browse metaphysical stores because it sparks creativity for me to use something at home!


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