White candle black and lighter flame turning blue and disappearing?

Hi all, so as my title says my white candle has turned black and smells weird and i have also notices candles are not as bright as they once were even if they are new… Yes i do cleanse them with sage before use but its so weird. Also my lighter is setting off a blue flame rises up and then poof it disappears and i have to light it again to see the same thing… Do you think something or someone is trying to tell me something or there is a negative energy lurking around? :thinking:


Huh. That is odd. Has the white candle turned all the way black or is it just like soot or something?


The white candle turning black makes me think the candle was made poorly. If the candle is burning inadequately or unevenly, that can affect the the soot production and then turn the candle black. The candle could also have some additives to it that could turn black when it gets hot. If it’s only one candle I wouldn’t worry about it, though I probably would throw that candle out if it’s producing too much soot. That could be a potential fire hazard.

As for the lighter flame, it sounds like your lighter is going out or doesn’t have enough fuel to stay lit. I’d try again with a different lighter and see what happens.


That is pretty strange- if it is just one candle that is acting up, I’d be suspicious that, like Megan said, it was poorly made or there was an issue in manufacturing. However, if all your candles (coming from different places/packages) are acting up then I would consider that a red flag.

If your candles are burning weakly and lack brightness, there could indeed be a cloud of darkness and negativity over your space. Cleansing both your candles and space with sage is a good start, but if it continues you may want to look into either/both Banishing Negativity Spells :arrow_down: and Increasing Good Energy/Positive Spells :arrow_up: .

The little blue flame is the fire barely being able to get started before the lack of fuel cuts it off- I’m with Megan on this one, time to refill the lighter fluid or get a new lighter! :fire:


No it was half way finished and it looks greyish brown almost if not black…


Yes defiantly the other lighters are ok just this one i specifically use for my practice is acting up… I have added some lighter fluid a few times in the past weeks and even made sure the wick wasn’t burnt but still acting up… Maybe worth getting looked at… I just love this lighter as it says ‘Magical use only’ on it so others know not to use it…


Thanks yes it tends to be the tea light candles i have the most issues with but the others are usually okay… As for the lighter, i will continue to investigate what is wrong with it :blush:


Huh. I’m with the others, if that’s the only candle that’s wonky I wouldn’t worry about it. Unless it happens again.


Yes the blackening didn’t happen so far but i keep getting different ones that are not very bright. However, tonight i lit a black one since its Saturday and after cleansing the new tea light candles they are very bright! I assume maybe as i brought them from a different place and the quality was a little better? Anyways, i am glad they are good as it would be embarrassing tomorrow when i take one of these candles to the Beltane meeting with the witches and it was dim… :blush:


I’m glad they’re all good, too! :pray: It seems like the mystery of the candle flames and lighter has been solved lol hooray! :tada:


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