Who knows watermelon magic?

We are harvesting a few watermelons today. I tried to remember any watermelon magic and came to a blank standstill. Does anyone else have any ideas what to do with watermelon to add to learn and add to my craft?


harvesting watermelons with my beautiful nephews and as a matter of fact the youngest ones name is Harvest.


I’m glad you’re having a fun harvest!! Looks like a perfect opportunity for some Kitchen Magic.

According to Scott Cunningham’s Wicca in the Kitchen:

  • Ancient Egyptians mixed watermelon juice with wine and gave this drink to ill persons who were believed to be possessed by illness-causing demons.

  • In Hawaii, a watermelon is sometimes rolled out of the house through the front door to ease the spirit of a deceased person into the next world.’

  • Watermelon is sacred to the goddess Yemaya in the various manifestations of the Yoruba religion.

Magical uses: Nothing is more refreshing on a hot summer day than ice-cold watermelon. This is a healing fruit. Simply eat with visualization. Like all melons, the scent alone is also healing.

You can mix it in a Hydrating Potion or add it as an extra ingredient in a Florida water recipe.

(Also, mandatory question regarding your nephews: did you get their parent’s permission to share their picture online, since they are minors?).

PS here’s another recipe:

Stay cool!! :watermelon:


Yes, my brother knows I used the pic, Thank you for asking! much love


Happy National Watermelon Day :slight_smile: Watermelon helps reduce blood pressure. It also has lycopene which is cancer-fighting and can help with macular degeneration. That is pretty magical in my book!


Happy harvest @moonshadow- it looks like you have some very enthusiastic helpers in your garden! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::watermelon:

I can’t say I know much about Watermelon Magick myself (aside from the fact that I love the sound of it) but it looks like Francisco has some wonderful info and spellwork you can do! :sparkles:

Although it’s not specific to watermelon, you could consider doing a simple Food Blessing (perhaps one of these Pagan Meal/Food Blessings and Prayers) :pray:

That’s perfect that it’s National Watermelon Day, @mary25- what a great holiday, and ideal timing too! :watermelon: :tada:


I first have to say that your nephews are the most adorable little people ever!! And the name Harvest is beautiful! Hers a link with all the properties. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::watermelon: Magickal Properties of Watermelon


Aww, cute picture! I’m listening in on what watermelon is good for, I bought a mini one yesterday!


Thank you, everyone, for all of the insight and delicious ideas! I for sure am going to try that watermelon mint juice @Francisco … stay tuned, I will let you know when…
@TheTravelWitch Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge… I am truely grateful.
Thank you @christina4 ! You definitely have good eyes! Blessed be and much love to you and yours.
@Amethyst much love! I hope you heard something that you liked and was useful for your craft. blessed be.


You’re very welcome, @Moonshadow- wishing you all the best with your watermelon magick! Blessed be :sparkles::watermelon: :heart:


It was magic! It disappeared before I even could do anything with it! LOL!