Who want to hear a little story? Real true story

So me and my twin flame story time .

I was a kid and she was new born in my home town I know the family for years since I was a baby . Me and her mom still talk . Then one day something happened they had to leave my state, it was under a moon I first saw her . 1998 -to 2014 we started to talk for he frist time and amazing how she loves the same interest as me for everything a twin version of me even same goals and dreams we just click in every way!!! She is even a witch also , Pisces and cancer we all know how perfect that is when we meet in person. We just click and catch each other vibes the signs we were fated to each other are these
When she was dating I was to we broke up with our girls same times always came back to each other over and over
I almost got married and that didn’t happen
Fate kept pushing me back to my twin flame
Then I asked for signs. Is she the one give me a sign
The signs were my posters fall off the walls Florida plates in my state more then usual many many more signs eve till this day I keep getting them

My question is is this a twin flame or what label would you put it as?
Another question is
Is me and her fated for each other an bad things happen if we date other people?
There is more to this story I’ll make part 2 when I get to my house


@john1 I say follow your heart! :heart::purple_heart:


There are many potential labels out there- Twin Flame, Soul Mate, Destined Person, Mirror Soul, etc.

I personally like the term “Soul Mate” because I believe we can have multiple powerful matches- in this lifetime and in others. With “Soul Mate” the relationship doesn’t have to be romantic, but the bond is extremely powerful in a way that helps you grow on your journey. This resonates with me!

When it comes to Twin Flames, I don’t know too much about the details, but the “twin” part would suggest a match of two (and no others- each person would only have one “twin” out there in the Universe). Perhaps it’s possible to have many Soul Mates, but only one Twin Flame? :thinking:

Anyways, if you feel that she is your Twin Flame and that label fits, then I’d say that term is fine to use! :blush: :+1:

There are many ideas around fate and destiny out there, with opinions differing on how much (if any) power Fate has over our lives. Those who believe in complete Free Will may say that we decide and control every aspect of our lives. Others may believe that everything we do is prewritten and we have no free will at all. I think most people tend to fall somewhere in the middle.

I fall in that middle zone- I believe we do have some control over our lives, but there are things we are meant to do or experience within a lifetime, and when we veer off track, the hand of the divine will intervene. The divine guides us- sometimes up close, sometimes from afar, and sometimes stepping back to see what we do on our own.

All this is to say that, in line with my beliefs, if you and she are truly meant to be together, then I’m sure that the Universe will continue to push for that. Signs and opportunities will continue to arise. Both parties will have a sense of loss without the other. Chances will keep popping up until they are acted upon.

As for whether or not bad things will happen to you or other people, I really can’t say- I’m not the divine. I imagine that if you are going against the path meant for you that you’d feel a very strong sense of loss or longing, and may have a constant sense that something is wrong. Things may be difficult and I assume there would be signs to try and get you back on track.

If you’re curious, you can always ask your deities, guides, or spirits! Divination is a great way to communicate with higher powers- you might get messages via tarot or oracle, or ask yes/no questions via a pendulum or oujia board. Here are some tips if you’re interested in giving it a try.

Wishing you al lthe best, @john1! Blessed be :sparkles:


I did ask higher powers and signs all that and did tarot and yes no questions with eve a 8ball , pendulum, ad many other ways. They all say yes to her and me


I have a similar view of these as @BryWisteria, I fall in the middle also of the 2 that were described. I also think you would have to know or have in some way found out, that she shares the same loss & longing. If the two of you are consistently being brought back to one another & the energy between you two is still there regardless of being in another relationship, but that current relationship is what is keeping you apart from each other, then I believe your time will come to be with each other when your life experiences are ready for that time to come. There may be things out of your control that are happening on your paths that need to come to completion before it’s your time, whether it’s your path or hers. It falls under a variation of the Divine leading a horse to water, but can’t force it to drink necessarily. It keeps directing the horse back to the water until it absolutely needs to step in somehow.

If you have tried several or more divination methods & that answer is also giving you the same feeling as the signs you’ve experienced, then yes, I think at some point you two will come together as far as when or how soon, I can’t say. That is something else entirely. It will come to be & the Universe/Divine will wait for things to work themselves out with both of you so that can happen when it’s right for you both.


If the higher powers have spoken, then there you have your answer :blush: :+1:

Much love and many blessings!