Wholesome Healers Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE Catch-up

As an apothacarest I use a number of herbal brews as well as modern meds to deal with illness. For this challenge, I will share an ancient Ginger tea that is spicy enough to cause the body to sweat out impurities, calm upset stomachs, calm inflamed joints, and many other ailments.

What you need

2 large hunks of ginger root.
3 gallons water
A large pot
A meat mallet
Sharp knife
One lime or lemon

Place 1.5 gallons of water in the pot and bring it to a rolling boil.
Wash and peel the ginger then wash again
slice thinly
Pound the ginger with the mallet you want to break up the fibers to let the juices flow freely
add the boiling water and reduce to half water
add half of the remaining water and reduce to half again.
Take a sample of the brew and taste it. Your body should react by feeling hot and a slight sweat begins. The more you reduce it the more potent it will be. When it is at a point you are happy with the amount you are sweating it will be ready. Strain the tea through a fine mesh strainer and place it in sterile bottles. I like to bottle it in beer bottles and cap it. store in the fridge. this can be used hot or cold but hot is best for most applications.

To use for colds you drink one cup every 2 hours or every 4 hours adding lime or lemon. do not add sweeteners.

To use for upset stomach you want to add water back to the tea at about 4:1 ratio so 4 ginger tea to 1 water. This you only take when needed at 2 Tablespoons at a time with small amount of fresh or pure honey as needed. ( make sure its not honey-flavored syrup)

For muscle pains, and joint stiffness you drink 2 ounces with one ounce of a good whiskey or a dark spiced rum like Kracken black or coffee.

This has many more uses but these are the classics.


Ginger is my lifeline- it has become my first line of defense against tummy aches, indigestion, motion sickness, and menstrual cramps. I’m at the point where it helps so much that I’ll take ginger before I take anything else- it really helps and quickly too.

This is an awesome recipe for making a ginger brew in bulk- thank you so much for sharing it, @LadyDennaRahl! Hooray for ginger and ginger recipes! :ginger: :orange_heart: :blush:


i am going to try and make this it get colds very fast lately . Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:


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