Why are the dogs barking at the moon card in tarot?

I did my daily spread as usual. I keep noticing dogs everywhere. In the moon card in tarot, I asked myself, ’ why are those dogs barking at the moon’? So I had to look it up with this link:

It says:
When canines of all kinds bark out at our perception in the Tarot, it’s a sign of:

:dog2: Communicating Needs
:dog2: Alignment with our Allies
:dog2: Co-creating within a Community
:dog2: Tapping Primitive Power Centers Within
:dog2: Acknowledging an Extra Layer of Protection

Now, that makes more sense!!!


Oh good! You are protected & taken care of with your daughter. That should make you feel good. :hugs:

I’m happy :blush: that you have made it home & may she continue to do well & recover quickly. Make sure you rest when she does! (I sound like the people who gave me advice the 1st time & every time I was pregnant :joy: but it’s so true!)

Take care of yourself & yours & we will be here when you are ready! I will continue to keep you in my thoughts! :hugs: :parrot: :two_hearts:


That’s a really interesting question, Christina, and not something I thought of before- it looks like there is a lot of symbolism to be explored around the dogs/wolves in the Moon card! :star_struck:

Thanks for sharing your findings, it looks like the appearance of the Moon and it’s dogs is a protective and good sign for you at the moment. I’m happy for you! :heart::blush: