Why witchcraft is for me?

So I’ve been doing my work every chance I get to, and it says to be honest and answer these questions and I’m going to answer them and post them if anybody has any comments or any insight, let me know!
Spell casting 101::jack_o_lantern:

For me to be a witch is something that I am comfortable in. I don’t have to please anyone or anybody. I what I mean by that is: I feel comfortable in my own skin. When I look at the stars think about the astrological signs, the element spells the earth I feel like I’m a whole person and I feel comfortable to be that person I am today and I can keep going on and on, but I won’t. I’m just going to let you imagine the feeling!

I hope to achieve the knowledge on the history of wicca! And also to get in with the earth, and all its value, the air, and all its value, the fire and all its value, the water know its value in the spiritual realm as well. The elements in everything that we take for granted, daily!

I truly don’t have any fears of follow me in the past I have fears of people who don’t understand my path. And how they will treat me that’s the only for a have!

We not hear goddess or God. I’m pleased that it can be either male or female. I’m happy with that I don’t take which ones better I go with whatever happens to come out my mouth at the time.

The spiritual world means to me existence beyond death, another life, higher spirits, higher power meeting up with your loved ones once again, I believe in spiritual world, and I’m going to learn more about it as well. Divine a whole lot of things, but divine means to me, my divine ability, and my representation of who I am The divine, I am a goddess to myself!


Kristen, I think you’re heading for an A+.
The history of Witchcraft is rich and sometimes terrible. But although they don’t burn us anymore, the heavy memory is still with us.

This is your journey into self-fulfillment, not theirs. I’ve found that in most people who disrespect us, superstition runs rampant in the ignorant.
They don’t need to understand your path and it really isn’t our duty to recruit as in many faiths. I’ll leave recruiting to the military.

You don’t have to worship any specific Deity. It sounds like you have a fascination with the stars, the universe, and or the cosmos. How wonderful! Take it day by day and perhaps a special Deity might contact you. Maybe not.
You’re doing very well. Your interest and participation are wonderful.
Blessed be


@Garnet …I completely agree with what you have spoken! N I do love all that no joke as well as speaking to my family past!


Congratulations on getting that far! You’re doing great! It’s always worrying how people will react to you but as you get more confident, you’ll not care. I wear witchy necklaces all the time and people either don’t notice or don’t say anything.

God or Goddess or neither one, it’s all good here!


Beautifully said- you answered with such pride and empowerment! :heart: I’m so happy you’ve found your answers to the questions and that your answers help point you to the exciting path you have ahead of you. The divine, the spiritual world, embracing your magick- there are so many wonderful things to enjoy! :sparkles:

Cheering you on and wishing you all the best @KristiAnn- Blessed be!


I am thankful to here that!!


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