Why witches hide their feet 😂

Hi everyone, so I hope I do not offend anyone but I had to share as I see it as a joke… this info I found:

What do witches wear on their feet?
A real witch will hide her ugly feet by squeezing them into pretty shoes, which they find extremely uncomfortable. Look very closely and you might see a real witch limping very slightly.

Hey I know my feet are not my favourite part of my body but they didn’t have to make it sound like that :sweat_smile: oh the things people make up…


Hahaha :joy: good one! I don’t wear heels and I can’t. Many moons ago, I sprained my ankle and broke a few bones in my foot. After a while, I tried to wear heels but my foot said nope :joy: it flopped to the side. You shoulda seen me trying to walk!! That was some sort of limp. A limp foot :foot::rofl::rofl::rofl::sob:


Oh I am soooo fearful of those pointy heals like stilettos :high_heel: they freak me out as I am a curvy one and am scared I will break my ankle…. I wear chunky heals and platforms sometimes although I don’t have many here any more but other than that I wear Nike, adidas, new balance or any old comfort shoes that’s are flat… I have adjusted my heal wearing since I now ride a motorbike and second cause the older I am getting I feel I am getting more cautious of falls…


@TheMuslimWitch there might be something to this lol. I never wear shoes and my feet leave a lot to be desired :joy::joy:. I limp around and complain when I have to wear any type of shoes.


Omg! I hate shoes as well! My son all week this week keeps touching my feet and saying “why do your feet feel so gross. Mom, you can sand wood with them!” :joy::rofl::joy: I just said it’s because I don’t wear shoes very often. Maybe I need to walk in sand for a few days :joy:


Certainly there’s beauty to see a woman nice dressed with high heels shoes, but is also certainly that as much a woman uses high heels :high_heel:, the worst the damage to her back.


@NoName thats so funny lol. My family say I have hillbilly feet. I’m ok with that and wear the label proudly :joy:


@pedros10 that is very true lol.


Hillbilly lol I am sure your feet are fine it’s just feet in general are funny…

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Hahahaha this is making me chuckle as I’m sipping on my morning coffee LOL. I never wear heels ever either. I really love them though, they are elegant, but I just can’t. I used to in the past when I was working in corporate jobs, and now I wonder how on earth I managed to do it :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: