Wiccan Law Question

That is such a wonderful idea- helping the earth while enjoying time in a beautiful natural environment :ocean: :relaxed:

You are very right about this, Jeannie- there are some truly horrific things that have happened in the US meat industry :cry:. I remember watching one in high school (sorry- I can’t for the life of me remember the name! It was an older documentary) that went behind the scenes in a meat slaughterhouse and was truly upsetting.

I think this is a great way to help the earth, Jeannie! :+1: By not supporting corporations that have practices against your beliefs and instead supporting local/wholesome producers who practice ethically and sustainably you are doing a great thing for both yourself and the earth :blush::earth_africa:

When I switched to a vegetarian diet at the temple, it was really really hard at first. But it is true that the body can adjust with time! So yes- as long as make sure you get the nutrients you need by mindfully supplementing your diet, I say go for it! :raised_hands: Just like Megan said, you may feel that your body works better and feels healthy on a plant-based diet :blush: :leafy_green: And if you find that the diet doesn’t work for you- no worries! You can always switch it up or make adjustments.

Good for you for sticking with your beliefs and pursuing life choices that go hand-in-hand with your practice. I think you are very strong for exploring this, Jeannie! :heart:


Yeah, supplements are a must in a vegan or plant-based diet. This is because you don’t get B12 from natural sources of food. It is also harder to get iodine and calcium, too. It is possible to get fortified plant milks and bread, but I just err on the side of caution and take a supplement.

Besides the fact that vegetables contain a lot of nutrients and fiber, I think vegetables are just overall better for us :woman_shrugging: I try to buy local when I can and support our local farmers but that isn’t always possible.

It does take a lot of discipline but what I would suggest, if that’s something you really want to do, is to start small and slow. Otherwise you become overwhelmed! Start by eliminating one or two things first and don’t worry about everything else. Over time, when it becomes easier, remove something else. This way you can slowly make the change and it is more likely to stick if that’s what you want.

Journaling is a great exercise! I admit I don’t do it enough :sweat_smile: but it always helps me when I do.


I’m a big believer in any little bit helps