Wiccan Lord and Lady Statues, Altar & Pentacle

I recently bought these two statues of the Wiccan Deities so I decided to share an altar I crafted for them: :smiley:

They are made by Dryad Design (I found them here: Goddess Statue & God Statue) and they came with a beautiful description of all the things engraved in the statues, so I decided to make a video sharing what they say:

Wiccan Deities Statues & Altar

The Forest God sits, noble and strong, upon his dais. Within the crown of his antlered brow burns the spiritual fire of transformation, initiation and creative force. Ram headed snakes interlace themselves within the pentacle below him. The Lord’s throne is supported on his right by the bull- representative of power, strength and virility. On his left is the mythic stag- an emblem of wildness, sovereignty, and the bountiful forest. His aspect as “Lord of the Dance” is displayed on the back. The dance was performed to bring fertility to the crops and to his people.”

The Lunar Goddess sits on her throne, graced with the phases of the moon. She is crowned with the horned crescent. In her lap she cradles a scrying bowl representing receptivity, intuition and the magical womb of transformation. On her right side a rabbit looks on, her emblem of life, fertility, and beginnings. On her left the crow cries out as her messenger, symbolic of the waning years of life and the ultimate passing from this life into the next. The back of her throne depicts the Goddess in her three aspects as Maid, Mother, and Crone.”

God and Goddess Candles Colors

The Goddess candle is traditionally silver, white or green. The God candle can be red, yellow or gold. :candle:


The pentacle has many different interpretations depending on who you ask. For me, it’s a symbol of nature (the 4 elements + Spirit) and a symbol of elemental protection. I designed this pentacle, then printed it, cut it out and placed it on my altar.


Wiccan Deities & Altar Grimoire Pages

You may already have these pages from the Free Printable BoS Pages. Otherwise, download them here!

Goddes-God-Wiccan-Printable-Book-of-Shadows Wiccan-Altar-book-of-Shadows-Page

In the video I also mention the book The Spiral Dance which I recommend if you want to learn more about the “Reclaiming” tradition. The author of the book, Starhawk, writes:

“To communicate with the Goddess/God Within, we resort to symbols, to art, poetry, music, myth, and the actions of ritual that translate abstract concepts into the language of the unconscious.”

In my interpretation, the simple act of creating an altar is a way to connect with the deities. Drawing, writing, singing are all valid forms of worship. Finding beauty in Nature or creating it, inspired by the Wiccan deities, too.


Your new statues of the God and Goddess are lovely, Francisco! :heart_eyes: This is also a very helpful piece-by-piece breakdown of the different meanings of each part of an altar, and how to set everything up nicely- very useful information! :open_book: Thank you so much for sharing! :two_hearts:


Thanks! I’m glad you liked it! :smiley: I am also putting together an altar blessing ritual which I will be sharing this week!


Your deity statues are beautiful! and your altar is truly stunning, I’ve been searching for a statue for myself, as right now I’m using my cauldron to represent Cerridwen’s own cauldron, this is the statue I am going to get I believe, I keep being drawn to this particular one


Thanks, @Trey!!

That one is beautiful too! I love that big cauldron of inspiration and flowing spirit! (Awen) .

And the pig! Quite a unique symbol of an animal considered sacred and blessed in the past (sacred to Cerridwen, Demeter, Ceres) and now a symbol of the dirty and unholy. How things have changed!

I think it’s a lovely statue and you should get it :+1:


Thanks Francisco, I believe I will I feel it is speaking to me


This is a gorgeous statue, @Trey! There are so many intricate details, and this depiction of Ceridwen is so calming and relaxing to look upon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: If you decide to add it to your collection, feel free to show off some pictures of your new altar set-up, I would love to see it! :grin: :two_hearts:


Thanks! will do, I plan on getting it here soon!

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