Witch One vs. Witch Two

This might sound like I’ve seen too many Marvel movies, but what happens when two witches both want the same thing (the last donut?) and both are using magic to achieve it?

Do witches ever use magic against each other? How does that work out?

hmmm…let’s light candle for protection…

I’m not trying to take any action against anyone else, but, well, the more you know…you know?


I think that’s one of the reasons trying to magic up a winning lottery ticket doesn’t work. Everyone is putting their wishes and intentions out there for the same thing, sort of canceling everything out. That’s just my two cents worth.


Sadly to say, but the answer is yes. There’s witches out there that use magick against each other. This is when greed, jealousy, hate even and those that think of being the most powerful act in such awful ways.
The end result, nothingness and a bad day.


So they cancel each other out? Are witches equal in ability? Can a baby witch protect themselves from someone who has been practicing for decades? Lol, maybe I’'m being too technical.


This is difficult to say, someone with more knowledge may not have more power than someone new who is good at visualization. I think it just depends on the individual.


Eeesh. rethinks every bad day ever

As an open letter to the Universe and the Divine, I seek only the power to control, benefit and protect myself, and nature around me! An it harm none, so mote it be!


I agree with @Amethyst, the key point here is to practice. Magick comes from the same Source out to the Universe, is in the magicians, or witches hands to use it wisely.


The lion and the tiger might be stronger, but the wolf does not act in the circus.
This is so true.


I’ve never heard that before, but I’m going to use it!


@pedros10 I’ve never heard this before but wow at the impact the message it brings. Very insightful


me encantan esas palabras! tienen un gran significado.
For those who don’t understand:
I love those words, they hold great meaning!


I’m not sure I understood what the donut signifies. Because if witches use energy, it’s for protection, self esteem, love, guidance. How do you get the last of those? I’m just curious :grin:


:sweat_smile: “the last donut” was just a mcguffin.


Haha :rofl: don’t get me started with the mcgriddles!!!


The responses given really depend on what each person believes concerning magic.

I personally don’t believe one person is more powerful than another person. We are all equals given different talents and skill sets in every facet of life. These talents/gifts are given in order for us to both live our own truths and to help others along their paths.

It is my understanding magic is not something that can ever be controlled. It is something can we tap into. I imagine this because the universe is far too vast and far too powerful for me to agree we have control over anything within it.

IMHO to think we have control over our lives, smacks of hubris because it’s scientifically debatable if we can even control our own thoughts. When I research concepts like

  • free will is possibly an illusion
  • our motives are formed after we commit actions
  • our brains decide what actions it will take perform before we’re consciously aware of these choices

I can’t escape the truth that we don’t even know ourselves, let alone other people or reality.

In case anyone reading this has an existential crisis about whether or not faith means anything at all, whether they should even be practicing magic, or believing in anything is worthwhile, please remember that we are pattern finders that require ritual in all aspects of our lives. Without these daily rituals and the search for patterns and meaning we would be unable to process anything of the world around us. This also doesn’t exclude concepts like magic, faith, or deities. My point is that in knowing all of these things it is hard for me personally to justify a position that we can control magic.

Apologies for writing a book as a response to your question. I say we can’t control ourselves therefore we can’t control magic. We tap in to that wonder around us that the universe provides. We see miracles because we are in tune with what the universe wanted to do anyway and we become vessels or tools that the universe uses to achieve the goals it would have achieved regardless of our involvement. It could just as easily pick someone else to be that same tool. This means that two witches cannot ever use magic against each other because the universe will never be against itself.


Don’t worry about writing a book, I didn’t read it anyway. JUST KIDDING!! Obviously, I read it if I got to that statement! Thank you for that perspective! I hadn’t considered it before.