WitchTok strikes again

So while scrolling through TikTok tonight I came across this chick who was explaining her view on the significance of the new moon rising at the same moment as the sun (6:04 a.m here in Alabama). Any way check out her Video here and let’s hear your opinion or if you have contradictive information please feel free to jump in on the discussion


That’s sounds amazing… I would expect to feel a major boost in energy at that exact moment…think about it both moon and sun’s energy have their own unique energy which we both use for different things, and to have both that feminine and masculine energy at the same time must manifest something special… I would say if you can get up that time go for it… I would be soaking in all that energy if it was me to cast a spell to achieve something I really want :blush:


She’s a bit hyper. Lol but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Let’s speak that :poop: into existence!!! Thanks for sharing!


@TheMuslimWitch I love the way you explain it.
@christina4 I was slightly put off by her enthusiasm at first but I can use all the magical “boosts” I can get for the manifestation ritual I have to do so yes ma’am I am definitely going to be getting up early to embrace the moment and the power there


I did it this morning as I’m up anyway :two_hearts: thanks again for sharing this!


I get so confused about this…I though the New Moon was on the 6th? But I see on one website, it is on both the 5th and 6th. Can that be right?


The New Moon “rises” at 7:10am on the 6th. But I know what you mean, I ran into this on the Full Moon (August?). Was it is Pisces or Virgo? Well, it actually passed from one to the other that night. You can do moon work anytime from sunset the night before to sunset the night after. And many folks say even a few days before is okay.


That’s a great question, @mary25- I know it can be confusing to see the moon phases listed at different dates/times! I believe this is mostly due to different time zones.

This is why many astrology sites will ask for your location or time zone before giving you set times. If you go to Time and Date Moon Phases (and have your location turned on) you should be able to see the times for your location :mantelpiece_clock: :blush:

You can also see the current moon phase and a recommended ritual for you on the Spells8 Lunar Page (enter your time zone to get personalized info).

Wishing everyone a very blessed new moon! :new_moon_with_face: :sparkles:


Wow, great point. Why didn’t I think of that?


Check out this post:

It has lots of apps for knowing the exact phase of the moon. The actual thread has more than just the one I use. There is also a post for Witchy Apps that you might find useful as well.