Witchy Herb Haul

Last weekend, visited my old hometown (Richmond, VA) and checked out the many very cool metaphysical stores there. One place had every kind of Hoo Doo candle! It was fun looking at them but I just picked up some regular jarred candles (which the store owner cut and dressed for free!) and some Florida water and he threw in some Court Oil at no charge – very nice.

At another store, I picked up some herbs I didn’t have. I recognized Blessed Thistle from some of @SilverBear 's spells so I knew I wanted that. The store owner said they were organic and food safe (although I always check interactions, etc.) but i don’t know that I will be ingesting them. She said she likes Damiana tea but I understand you have to be a little careful with that. Probably will end up using for dressing candles, jar spells, sachets and burning.

Would you let me know if you have worked with these and if so, if you have any tips?’

  1. Blessed Thistle
  2. Burdock root
  3. Damiana leaf
  4. Marjoram

Thanks :slight_smile:


This is a great question. I haven’t used them but I am interested in learning the answer too!


It sounds like a cool place, @mary25! I have never used the first three, but I have used marjoram essential oil to anoint candles when working with Aphrodite. Marjoram also works for protection and money spells. I have heard it’s good for releasing grief too, so I need to try it for that purpose.


I use Damiana leaf for female issues like menopause, pms, depression.
I use marjoram in my cooking because it tastes good.
Burdock root cleanses negative energy.
Blessed thistle- I can’t seem to find my notes on it at the moment.

I get a lot of info by using google search for… Magickal or medicinal uses of… whatever you want to know about. There are some good sources that can help look up herbs and crystal uses.

I burn the Damiana leaf on a charcoal and I found this info on google for blessed thistle.

Blessed Thistle Magical UsesBlessed Thistle is an herb of joy, vitality, and protection. An herb that attracts love, counters baneful magic

Congrats on the awesome haul! :clap: :herb:


Wow, what a great haul! Sounds like you had a good weekend!


Wow, congrats on the herb haul @mary25- it sounds like you had lots of fun shopping and got some awesome new herbs! :blush::herb:

As for the herbs, I can only vouch for marjoram- we have it here in the kitchen and, like others have said, we use it as a cooking herb. It’s very similar to oregano and can be used either as a substitute or as a flavor of its own in the same type of dishes oregano is used in (think Italian foods: pizza, pasta, sauces, breads, etc) :pizza:

Good luck and enjoy your new herbs! :heart::sparkles:


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