Witchy Request for Ocean Items

Good Morning Everyone, I hope all is well with you.

I was wondering if anyone on the Atlantic and/or Gulf of Mexico would be willing to send me some witchy trinkets from your area. I am very much a “sea witch” at heart, but am stuck so very far away from the ocean in Wisconsin. A very kind witch sent me a care package from the Pacific and I would love to have items from the Atlantic and the Gulf. She sent me things like driftwood, ocean water, a shell, petrified wood, etc. Anything from the ocean. I will gladly pay you for shipping and or time. Thank you so much! Blessed Be


Sorry, I live in WV. But what a neat idea! I hope you find someone!


I completely feel you- I’m deep in the Polish countryside right now, and having grown up near the water it is tough to be away. There is something very powerful and primal about the ocean that echoes within the soul :ocean: :heart:

I hope you can connect with an Altlantic/Gulf witch to help you get some ocean trinkets! :pray: Many blessings!


Thank you. So far I am striking out, but remain hopeful. The sea is really calling to my lately. But 2 children, and lack of funds makes that impossible. I need to sea to come to me. :ocean: :ocean: :ocean:


I live on Cape Cod, so I have access to the Atlantic Ocean :ocean: at any given time of the year I can walk to it. So, depending on the seasons here, the more options I have because we are a “salty” family. We go clamming & quahogging with our feet hanging out in the water off the back of a boat :joy:

I can definitely get quahog shells & probably at least a small conch :shell: shell, once they start changing shells or when the small hermit crabs go into larger shells by the shores. Sometimes we find sea glass in Woods Hole depending on if we go out to the lighthouse beaches. They have some nicer shells off of Martha’s Vineyard.

It may take some time as I can make it back into the water regularly, but I can send some things straight out of the Atlantic to you before the end of summer in New England. The weather does what it wants most of the time, it’s just a matter of how warm it’s going to be while doing it :joy:


@Susurrus Thank you oh so much! It is so greatly appreciated. I can gather some Wisconsin witchy goodies in return for you if you’d like. We do actually have some items quite unique in my area. I cannot thank you enough. I am super excited to see what you think I need.
Blessed be :ocean: :pentagram: :heart:


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