Witchy Spirited Woman

Merry Meet,

My name is Valerie, I think I might be extraordinarily different than others, this is why I have chosen to be an "Electic Witch."I like to grab information from this or that! I have lots of books on the craft ! Wicca a year and a day! Bucklands complete book of witchcraft! I have lots of tarot cards and crystals! I love to garden although I do not have a green thubmb! I love to go on hikes, ride bikes and I practice yoga. I am a baby witch! Although, I am learning to be the best witch ever! I am harvesting squash, tomatoes, herbs, and plants. I can’t wait to get a wandering jew! My birthday is September 24th I am a Libra/ Virgo!!!

I am a caregiver mom and just graduated Criminal Justice!! See I am out of alignment!!! I am not doing anything with my degree! So here it goes! I was adopted at 3! My mom passed my dad was in jail for 18 yrs! My Grandma raised me and know she is 87 with dementia. She has lost her mind. Long time ago, she had 9 kids that were raised catholic. Shes is from Mexico. I was the brunt of the 9 kids. I am going strong! I am loved!! I am still going right!
I have always been an “outsider” and that’s okay! Right now, I need to shead out people out my life that cant accept me for who I am, and that’s that! No more dogma, and Im hoping “WE” can help each other!
I have a higher calling, and I have chosen Spells 8 community to help me find my voice again, so I can be my true self. “I dont want to worry about what others think of me” in my chosen path! To give you some of the past, I was raised in a catholic. I always felt religion was forced on me. I have tried, and my eyes could not believe what they wanted me to see in the bible! Finally looking for truth and understanding, I attempted to get closer to spirit. I experimented with drugs. Lets just keep it REAL! This is Val the realism girl, I have managed to get through school earning a AST, “Associates in Science”, Crimainal Justice degee that I am not even happy with. Well lets just say I just want to find myself again. I could not finish because people would not except my past as an addict. I am ready to find myself again! I am doing some inner work and in touch with my inner child so I can be true to self agin. Merry Meet, I am learning my shadow work and going hopefully going to the underworld to find myself again. I am learning new coping mechanisms that will help me align with the Wiccan ways and witchcraft. I want to connect to nature and the universe through art, meditation, and magic. I am reflecting on, all of my pitfalls. And am greatfull for my life and excited for my love of magic!! I seek healing and art to express myself and achieve balance. I have chosen the old ways, even if it may be a harder path. I have faith it will give me an enlightened path to a higher consciousness . I refuse to be taught the way I should think and act! I would like to do magic, so I can see some change in myself. I feel a calling to witchcraft and feel a sudden change and a shift in my consciousness. Most importantly I want to believe in my magic! I want to feel closer to divinity and I continue to seek and coexist! I love the Wiccan Rede and how it has directed me. My favorite line “If it harms none do what you will.” I need to focus on my physical and mental health and want to live by the Rede, too the core. I am trying to get closer to diety so I can learn more about myself and put the self to the test. It’s interesting to learn more about mythology so I can apply myth to my everyday life psychology. To gain inferences in the human psyche that will help me believe. Til the clock strikes again we meet again!" Blessed be wise ones"
Ps looking for a new game-changer for self, since I am initiating myself to my new found love to the Wiccan path! I would like to change my name. Any ideas or thoughts on it?
Thank you so much for excepting me into this new family and friends! Sorry if this intro was too long. I am hoping to find new witchy commentary! I look forward to writing my new book of shadows. I have my alter, all ready for Mabon and looks amazing!!! This is a perfect time during the dark time of the year to be apart of a new group with fun topics and I hope we can learn from each other. Please Introduce yourself because I know no one so far!


Hi @Jeannie1 what a great introduction! I’m Limeberry and I’m writing from London, England!
I was raised Catholic too so I absolutely know where you’re coming from having felt religion forced on me and share your enthusiasm for being able to find your own path! You are so welcome to our Spells8 Coven!
It sounds like you’re leaps and bounds ahead but as you say you feel you’re a baby witch I’d recommend getting stuck into the https://spells8.com/courses/wicca-self-initiation/ and using all of the fantastic lessons on offer here!
I look forward to seeing more of your posts in the forum :heart:


Merry Meet @Jeannie1! I’m Kasie. I’m from West Virginia. I also have a ton of books, I need to get reading more so I can buy more! Sounds like you have a green thumb. That’s great, I envy you. I can’t even grow mold. LOL.

Happy early birthday by the way!

Since you’ve just graduated Criminal Justice I wonder if you’ve seen this book. It looks very interesting and it’s on my wish list. Pagans and the Law. You might find it useful.

Anyhoo, glad to have you here! I look forward to chatting with you!


Hi Val!! Welcome!! :smiley: :wave:

Reading your introduction was so refreshing!! It may sound crazy but the enthusiasm and energy in your words just reignited my love for the Craft! :star_struck:

It’s great to hear that you have a garden and an altar!! Those things go hand-in-hand and as you grow things you can use them as offerings on your altar. Do you have any favorite crafts? It seems to me that you are great with words!!

Don’t stress about finding your witchy name, I think it will come to you in time. And you can always update your name in the Forum from your preferences page. BTW I liked what you said about keeping it real! There’s a word for that in Latin, it’s Verum.

Anyway, Welcome! And feel free to post on any topic you find interesting, or share anything new with us in the Forum!

Have a Very Blessed Mabon!! :leaves: :candle:


A very warm welcome to you, @Jeannie1! :heart:

I’m Brianna and although I’m originally from the USA, I’m currently living in Europe. Sending greetings from Poland! :wave::grinning: That was a beautiful introduction- not too long at all, it was a pleasure to read! And it is very nice to meet you :blush:

I love your enthusiasm and passion for finding your own way and connecting with your inner magick- there are lots of resources around the Spells8 main site and forums to help you on your path! If there is anything in particular you are looking for, feel free to make a new topic and ask your forum family :writing_hand:.

As for a new name, I think this is a wonderful idea! Words (and names especially!) have a lot of power- this symbolizes you coming into a new sense of self, something you have chosen and created all on your own :sparkling_heart: Your name is something intimately yours, so I would recommend looking at words that have a deep meaning for you, maybe things that have lifted you up or inspired you your whole life, or something that symbolizes your fresh new start :dove:

It is wonderful to meet you and I can’t wait to talk with you more soon- Blessed Be! :two_hearts:


Welcome! I’m Christina and from New York. I have a degree in biochemistry. But did nothing with that. Now I’m in school to be a certified crystal healer and reiki. I’ve found my true calling! I enjoy the subject and feel that I will persue the interest. Most of my family don’t understand why I do what I do. I don’t want to say agree bc they don’t understand. And I could give a rats a$$ if they really care bc they haven’t pretty much my entire life. Why start now! For that, I turned to drugs. Not only bc of my family. I’m a single mom of 4. My mother lives with us. She moved in to help with the kids but now I don’t know. We but heads frequently. Anyway, I’m glad you’re here and any questions just ask. Blessed be :pray:t3:


Such a great question here - Let’s open it up to the group!
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Thank you kasie from West Virgina for the heads up on the book and law. I am glad that you mentioned it there is so much controversy anyways. So this will help to go introspectively through the lens of the pagan views. Awesome tip thank you so much! I am so glad to meet you! Sorry for the delay in my response. Blessed Be


Nice to meet you Francisco, Happy Mabon and recently was my birthday and my husband got me a canvas to paint landscape or anything small. To be honest I never was inspired to do any crafts. On the web it explains how the “left side of the brain is responsible for controlling the right side of the body. It also performs tasks that have to do with logic, such as in science and mathematics. On the other hand, the right hemisphere coordinates the left side of the body, and performs tasks that have do with creativity and the arts” I found that the craft helps me and is fascinating because it has given me an ability to not only think with the right side of the brain but with the left side too. I never valued arts like I do know. I am going to start by doing a sigil. Do you have any pointers for a sigil? I want to make my own book just for sigils. I think that creating some affirmations will help. Good to meet you Francisco!


Hi Valerie welcome to Spell8. Pleasure to meet you . I’m Dee from NY and I only been practicing Wicca for 6 months. Same as you been reading lots of books on the Wiccan path and Witchcraft. However I always practiced magick one way or another. But now I’ve become more focused on making it a daily practice, even if its only 15 mins a day. I still have some of my Christian beliefs. But the best part of Wiccan religion is that you can believe in many God’s and there is not one God better than the other. Or you simply don’t have to believe in anything but yourself. True magick comes from within. We are all made of energy and the universe is a marvelous place. Going through the lessons helps you a lot. So much content to learn from.
Blessed be.


You’re welcome! I thought you might be interested in it, since you’re interested in the law. And no worries about the delay, it’s all good.

Blessed Be.


Yes! You should start with an affirmation and work from there. That’s probably the best way to get started.

If you need more ideas for sigil-crafting, I recommend you read this topic: Sigils, What to do?

I liked your take on the Craft! That’s a very interesting and very valid point to keep making art!! Keep it up! :+1:


I like how you said that we are made up of energy!
Blessed be