Wonky Broomstick Diary Giveaway for UK Witches!

As many of you know I subscribe to a monthly box from The Wonky Broomstick, a witchy shop in Glastonbury.

I’ve just opened this month’s box and as a bonus they’ve included a copy of their Wonky Diary which covers 25 October 2021 to 31 December 2022 and is packed with info and spells etc.

I’ve already got a copy so I’d love to pass it on to someone. If there’s anyone in the UK who would like it DM me your address and I’ll pop it in the post to you, first come, first served. All I ask is that you pay it forward when you get the opportunity.


Oh man, I would take it but I am across the pond & can pay for shipping, but I understand the ease of someone more local. I know we have more witches in the UK here! Now I just have to remember who they are :joy: So many places around the world in this community. :heart: :infinite_roots:

I did the Edit the Title so that members know that it is a UK giveaway/free-gift :heartpulse:


Thanks for that. I just assumed it would be more relevant for someone local as the shop’s in Glastonbury but the Wheel of the Year info would apply to anyone in the Northern Hemisphere.

If no-one else comes forward then more than happy for you to have it, no charge for postage :slight_smile:


That makes sense too. No problem. I’m sure someone will be excited to have it closer to you :heart: Thank you!


Is this Wonky Broomstick box available In the US? I really need a box like this and have been considering on where to find on. Maybe I can start a new collection


I believe there are similar boxes available in the US from various stores. @Siofra_Strega is is the Tamed Wild one you get?


Yes @IrisW! I get the Tamed Wild Box (not the Tea of the Month)! I adore it, I’ve gotten it since August of 2020. I also shop from that site for soaps that have crystals made into them or extra teas if it is one that I really like. I got my Wild Runes Oracle cards from there too! @PhoenixFire the Tamed Wild boxes come with a ritual, crystal, jewelry, altar cloth, crystal grids, all kinds of things & are particularly useful around the sabbats & the tools they give you. They are made for solitary practitioners.


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