Worked 18.5 or more in one go now in recovery mode

So at 3am this morning my working day from yesterday finally ended. I work in a very active job and did a lot of unpaid overtime yesterday more than normal including some jobs that was very physical. 1hr and halt to work on public transport and 2hours home ( I’d left at 6.44am and got back at 11pm) and worked to and from work on buses and trains and then until 3 am when got home. I didn’t get all done. Today thankfully I don’t have a shift cause my alarm goes off at 5.30am if I did. I have to walk a 40min round trip to post office today very soon actually cause they close at 5. Not looking forward to that. I’m so sore, I’m not bothered as much that I only will get paid for 7.5 hours of that work day. I just stress that the study I’m supposed to of done ( for work ) didn’t get done and a few tasks didn’t get done. But at 3am I was like no those last jobs will take too long to do as more complicated and I didn’t want to be working for 24hours straight esp as already burnt out. I know I work my butt off and go above and beyond even picking up the slack when we don’t have staff and doing the job of many. I reached out to one of deities for help last night and spoke to the spirits of the place, work is haunted, I’ve been there nearly 10 years and I’ve known for most of that n I’m ok with it. Sometimes they will show themselves or make their presence known and I hoped that one job I did not only help relieve tension at work with staff but also I hope the spirits ( as I know of 3 apparently there) were ok with it. I think they like me around and don’t give me trouble except locking me in bathroom when they didn’t want me to leave work. Lol I think cause I work hard and take care of the place they seem at least to be on peaceful terms and so I reached out hoping they were ok with the outcome of the job I had done.
Today I’m exhausted and sore, so I think I know who to work with today. I need a bit of healing and self care. And Brigid and Freya are who comes to mind. I felt the burn out had put a damper on my magical and spiritual practice a bit. But even though I thought it unwise incase I fell asleep working ( getting home at 11 and having to drink coffee just to be able to keep going) I still got the candles out for Cernunnos and Nematona and placed them at the altar to symbolise connecting and respecting them even if wasn’t lighting them. I need to get a new one for Cernunnos as his candle is already finished. They are the two deities I’d dedicated and connected to Thursday though I’ve learnt to work with deities even on other days but when I first started my practice I thought I had to wait till the day they were connected to work with them. As I’ve grown in practice I’ve learnt to listen to intuition and that’s why today though it’s the day connected to Freya I also feel the need to work also with Brigid but my deities have been pretty good on joint projects like the protection spell jars where my deities had all been a part of the making of those. I’m glad that despite how much I have had to do, still need to do that I can still connect to my magical and spiritual path. I have to walk past shop on the way to post office n will pass on the way back home where I have ALOT of work to do but I think as I need a few things I might make the effort to go into shops to get what need and listen and ask Freya and Brigid for what I may need to help me not just today but in ongoing recovery healing and self care. Maybe I’ll end up with ingredients to a herbal moisturiser or something else lol but the thought helps me to be able to face walking 40min or more if go to shop walk when feeling so exhausted and sore already. I have to go to post office today as I don’t know what days working next week and I may need what picking up for work if I’m working Monday. Still waiting to hear on days as it’s been changing lately from week to week as I’m only part time. But maybe if the thought of finding something I may need at shops ( not sure what Freya and Brigid might have in mind), it helps me to deal with the fact that I’m physically and emotionally n cognitively exhausted because of work pressure n load n I have to go to a physical task today for work and then come back and do more work on the computer for work and study for work and it’s my day off​:woman_facepalming:as much as I don’t have to go into work. I am grateful for my magical and spiritual path because esp after I broke down in but wrenching tears about 6.30 last night ( no one there by that time but me so was ok no one saw, except spirits n deities I guess) but my path has been an encouragement and a help in a way I’ve never found before. Even my connection to nature and taking a moment when got hone n still put crystals out under moon ( a lil ritual I do each day) and brought them in to take a moment and a breathe as I looked at the stars. It’s the little things that help me to keep going. And while most ppl in my life (outside this community) don’t know I’m a pagan or witch … that’s ok because even if I’m alone in person on my path I also feel so encouraged to have an online community here. Every one is so nice and encouraging here and I like coming on to see what’s going on n chatting, when a weekly challenge ends now ( now that I started doing them) i excitedly wait to see what the next one is. I love the idea that witches from around the world are doing the same challenge together. It brings a sense of belonging and community I don’t get in person. I’m so busy looking after Every one else, things like a social life or even self care at times fall to the way side. I guess it’s good today is Friday cause Freya is big on the self care stuff and Brigid is at least one of things she deals with I’d healing and today i need both. And its nice to have a community that can connect to online and share different things with from weekly challenges, sharing stories with each other, asking questions and chatting about different topics. I love this place and am so grateful for having this community. As I am also grateful to my deities as well. I hope everyones doing well and that you have a great day and qeekend ahead. :bouquet::hibiscus::rose::cherry_blossom:


I’m sorry if this is too forward, but as someone who considers you a friend- that bothers me, Danni! You are working 18.5 hours but only getting paid for 7.5!? My goodness, I know it sounds like you really love your work and have been there for a long time, but that is really shocking that your boss isn’t compensating you for just how much you put into what you do.

You sound like a very hard and dedicated worker, Danni, and that’s amazing! But I would hope that your workplace gives you the same amount of love and care that you give to it.

That aside, you’ve really earned a nice, relaxing break! :blush: Time to refresh and indulge in yourself and your magickal workings. I hope you have a wonderful weekend- take good care of yourself! :heart::people_hugging:

Lots of love to you too, Danni! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: May your deities continue to watch over and guide you.

Blessed be! :sparkles:


Brighid is great to work with for self-care, self-love, and healing in all forms I have found. My favorite meditation to meet with her to receive guidance & healing is Guided Meditation to Meet with the Goddess Brighid - 15 minutes. I have also drawn her oracle today in that post & today was a meaningful message for me, maybe it is for you too!

I hope you make time for yourself & be able to reset & relax for a bit before you go back to work.


@danni1 that is terrible that you are only getting paid for 7.5 hours. I worked at a job for many years with 12 hour shifts. If someone from the next shift didn’t show up (and they were short handed) then one of use would have to stay. I only worked a 24 hour shift once and vowed to never do it again. I got paid for regular time instead of overtime because I couldn’t work my next shift. That would have been 36 hours straight. At least I got paid for the time I was there!


You probably don’t want to hear this.

You’re getting paid for less than half of the work you’re doing. If you don’t own the business, you’re being exploited. Now, none of us are paid what we’re worth, but allowing your job to treat you this way isn’t noble, or evidence of your work ethic, or a sign of your dedication. You are being taken advantage of.

Add to this the effort you make to get there. I respect things like a strong work ethic and loyalty, especially in a world where such things seem rare. And it is hard to set boundaries with an employer at a job you love, but if you don’t find a gentle way to do this you will be worked to death for a handshake, and maybe a Certificate of Appreciation. You know this already, or you wouldn’t have mentioned it.

I hope this isn’t too blunt, I don’t mean to be hurtful. You’re a member of my coven, and that makes you my sister. I don’t like hearing about my Sisters getting pushed around.


Is there a reason you’re doing all of this work unpaid? I mean, I understand work needs to get done but you should 100% only work while you’re on the clock. Otherwise, your employer should be paying you for the extra work you’re doing. This is exploitation of your labor, time, and life, pretty much. You shouldn’t be required to work like that.

I’m also concerned about this :sweat_smile: while some spirits are pesky and playful, this right here can get dangerous. I really hope you have protection with you while working :pray:

That’s wonderful to hear :heart: Connecting with intuition can be difficult and I’m happy to know you’re leaning more into your own internal compass.

From my own experience with Brigid, I can tell you this → She will bring you face to face with your shadows so you can heal from them. She’s kind and forgiving, accepting of our human nature, but she’s also not one to mess around when it comes to healing. That’s one of her main areas of work. But she’s also a deity of the forge, transforming objects (and people) to be better versions of themselves. Brigid is the main deity I work with and worship :heart: and I love her with my entire soul. I wish you all the best in your work with her if that’s the route you choose.


I keep rewriting this but… while that was an extreme case yesterday unfortunatly it’s not an isolated one. My direct manager knows how hard I work and appreciates it n is supportive n tries to look out for me which is nice even though shes only been there a month or so shes recognised that i do put a big effort in to keep the place from falling apart n even generally in my work… and she tries to look out for me best she can but it’s a big company not just one workplace but A lot. . sometimes I don’t think they ( head office) realise when things don’t get fixed they are making things hard for us but still more gets demanded, but we are understaffed as well… So yeah yesterday an extreme but not an isolated case.I’m told things should be getting better. We used to be a family run buisness. Now it’s a big company ( we got sold to the big company last year). But I do it to help the people I work with, they’re struggling and sometimes they need extra hand most have been there maybe 6months or less and a few a year or less. I do what I can. I also do this for those I care for . I’ve known these families some of them for years and if we close it affects them too. There is alot of pressure on me esp as I’ve been there the longest by far. I had a thought as I wrote this attempt to reply. And I do appreciate everyone’s concern by the way, n I do realise it’s a rough situation. I’m not making excuses for the company or the situation, it sucks that it is this way, that to do what I need to do n keep things from falling apart i end up working overtime unpaid whether at work or on the way to or from work or at home. Im told it should be improving n these things wouldnt happen so much. And i hope thats true… i care about the ppl around and yes sometimes even when im struggling myself ill be picking up the slack from someone else who was struggling, I do know I can sometimes do this to a fault at times. But I try to keep good boundaries n I’ve already asked to step back because I was already burnt out but as with big companies I guess it takes longer to have things happen but yeah I hope things get better but I know I need to balance helping out when needed n how much im doing outside of work ( while keeping my job) and taking care of myself but I also have this feeling of that alot of ppl are relying on me to hold things together… so yeah the thought I had or should u say song that came to mind was 'surface pressure’from encanto. That’s me, I identify so much with that song. N the character that sings it. Lol ok now I’ve just put the song in my head :joy: I’ll prob have that song in my head the rest of the night lol


Oh, honey.
If you live in the USA, it’s illegal for your boss not to pay you for overtime. I feel so bad for you.
Sending you energy and healing vibes.
Blessed be. Garnet


@danni1, I echo what @TheTravelWitch_Bry, @Undomeher, @MeganB, and @Garnet have said. This is exploitation and illegal. It really bothers me that they’re taking advantage of you this way. I also wonder why you’re kept at a part-time status after working there for so long. I assume that they’re doing this to keep from giving you benefits. It’s no wonder that you’re feeling exhausted! It’s not just all of the hard physical work, but there’s a vast energy imbalance here. There is disharmony when you’re not giving and receiving in balance, and you become out-of-alignment with your true self. I hope you know that I am saying this because I care about you—also, any form of injustice sticks in my craw. :rofl: Sending love and light your way, sweetie. You deserve better. :heart: :hugs: :heart: