Working with a Anito/Anitu

I don’t know if anyone else ever experienced this but here goes nothing,

For a very long time since my earlier years, even back when I was a practicing Christian or Catholic. I usually dreamt of the dead, one of those spirits is my maternal grandad, one I never managed to meet as a child for he left this realm before I was conceived or born into this world.

As time passes by, it is starting to be clear to me that he came back to this realm in order to watch over me and to safeguard me from the sort of nightmares which sometimes still do plaque my mind or body. I am able to hear his voice and sense his presence which emits off a feeling of calmness whenever I do feel fear or anxiety. To see him in dreams though not yet but I do feel the weight of his touch whenever I’m embraced by him in dreams. The only actual spirit I saw in a dream was another elder side in the maternal family, this one served in the military back when he was alive, so one could understand why I felt a bit intimidated yet mostly respectful of his presence

I don’t know if it was also my maternal granddad who also warned me that someone in the family dies, his youngest brother in the province was apparently the other person in one of my dreams, it wasn’t a good premonition / sign in that dream. Back then I wasn’t Pagan or Wiccan but I felt something bad will occur I just couldn’t tell when it would occur til I heard from one of my maternal relatives their father’s brother passed away. I dare not tell anybody else related to me I had that sort of dream, one side is terrified easily while the other is either indifferent or follows the lead of the leading party.

Has anybody else here ever had that feeling of impending doom hours before it happens? Or hear the voices of spirit/s here in this realm to? Or have I finally gone mad just as most of those who showed potential to become a Babaylan / Healer before being initiated to the practice?

Blessed Be,


I occasionally have what I call premonitions, for want of a better word. It’s like extreme déjà vu.

I don’t know when it’s going to happen, but as soon as it starts to I know I’ve gone through the scenario before (usually in a dream), happening exactly as it is now and I know what’s going to happen next.

And sometimes it happens differently to that, I’ll just know what I’m about to be told.

When I was in high school I lost my black labrador, my first dog. As I was getting on the bus to go home I just knew she’d died, which was confirmed when I’d got home.

And when my husband’s younger brother, now sister, told us she’s transgender my first response was “I know”. They both looked at me, said “how?” and Kayleigh started crying. I’d seen a picture of her months before on Facebook and just knew. Said absolutely nothing to my husband because he’d have told me I was crackers.


Hello and welcome, @IrisW , Some of my previous classmates would also sometimes have the feeling of

too, As for me I don’t know how many times it has happened in my life here, being able to tell what another would say though I haven’t done that yet. Although I’m not sure if Death’s entity itself has some sort of interest at me, so many times I had a bunch of near death experiences and would have been picked up too during one of the frequent Asthma attacks in my younger years too if I had said yes back then, once in one of my teenage years another vehicle which was in a fast speed was about to collide into the one I was riding in, I honestly thought that was probably the end for me and potentially the other passengers in it too, closed my eyes for a second that time then we didn’t end up colliding to another vehicle, during that time I dared to glance at the sky at least of what could be seen from the window frame of the vehicle, only to see something of a pink color, from the looks of some people it was likely for them an angel sent when I told them that story.

My Beagle dog too also nearly went to Summer Land about nearly a year ago, thankfully by then I was learning how to use and manipulate my own life force, it’s how I found out most of it is colored blue, a sign of healers so without any guide and just instinct I gave the ill dog a boost in the amount of any potential remaining lifespan he has left in this world. I didn’t know any rituals either I just thought that time to myself ‘I don’t care about ending up in Hell if it meant I can save another living being’s life, forget heaven, I’d rather not re experience grief all over again’ . My mother in the other hand thought someone in the household was unknowingly sick to our knowledge and the dog was absorbing any form of illness that could be killing one of its owners. I was forced to stepped in without any of them knowing in the night to early morning, aside from the dog, whatever I did to the dog and others in the house worked thankfully, after that they found me asleep until the afternoon, I suspect I was exhausted in performing that instinctive knowledge which made my soul feel tired like I did some sort of marathon


When I’m sleeping or awake, I sometimes get the feeling that something is bad is going to happen soon.
When I was young, around 10 or 11, we were driving to Florida for Thanksgiving. We were running low on gasoline and my parents were debating if we should stop at the closest gas station or wait just a little longer. I was feeling really uneasy and told them that we HAD to stop NOW. Luckily, they listened to me. We filled the tank, used the restroom, ate lunch and were back on the road within an half hour.
Well, a few miles down the road, traffic had come to a compete stop. A truck had wrecked causing a sixteen car pileup with a few fatalities. If we hadn’t stopped, I’m sure we would have been one of those sixteen cars.:fearful:


My dad would know when someone was about to die. He’d get the feeling to call an old army buddy out of the blue and do so and talk to him, only to find out later that he had passed not long after. He also told me he was never going to live to see me graduate high school, and he didn’t. He didn’t talk about his talent much, but it was there.


That’s a very strong instinct you have, @Kasandra , I sometimes wish I could warn others too when happenings like those are about to occur, if I had listened to it before the death of my ex the first time, he’d probably still be alive albeit potentially injured too, I know now that there was no stopping him either way now, when the fire occurred in his house, it triggered a mysterious way of having me catch Asthma, my mother couldn’t console me that night too after telling me the firefighters found his body.

I didn’t understand why is it that one of the first people to show me kindness outside of familial ties is the one that ends up dead, it hurt even more when I remembered I knew him as one of my childhood friends too, mother used to tutor him in English which was how we both ended up as friends til a day he asked if later on once we were in the right age if he could take me as his wife. I remember consenting to it, cause I knew him to be kind and respectful, fate though seems to have other plans for me, I know if he didn’t die I likely wouldn’t be the person I am today, I probably wouldn’t meet the African too, the ex I had can be too protective after witnessing firsthand that I used too have the misfortune of attracting bullies wherever I went back then, he could end up mad too, one of them got an earful after noticing I had a bruise back then.

It’s not that he didn’t trust me it was more like he didn’t want to lose me. I loved him a lot for giving me both kindness and respect. Thankfully though it seems his spirit may be fine with my current lover too and has more than one account showed me what could potentially happen in a honeymoon if I do end up marrying the second lover.