You Can Always Begin Again

What you will need:

  1. Sage or another cleansing herb to burn
  2. Lighter/Matches

First, make sure you’ve cleaned your home physically. Toss out things that no longer serve you. Disinfect, dust, vacuum; really make sure your space is “a fresh start”.

Next smoke cleanse your space. Grab a sage bundle or palo santo and walk your entire home, fanning the smoke and repeat, “Blessed smoke of the scared sage (or other herb of your choosing) cleanse and bless this home. Let the negativity disperse like the sacred smoke leaving only purity and love behind.”

Repeat this until your entire home is cleansed or come up with your own little chant.

Because we want negativity to LEAVE the home, we will walk counterclockwise beginning at your front door and ending back at your front door.

The spell below should be done immediately after you have completed these tasks.

What you will need:

  1. Rose Petals or another flower petal you resonate with.
  2. Moon water
  3. Piece of quartz crystal
  4. White Candle

Sit with your items in front of you.

Put the flower, candle, and water in front of you.

Light the candle.

Hold the quartz crystal in your hand and just sit with it, entwining your energy with the crystal. The intention of this is a new beginning, a fresh start.

When you’re comfortable and ready, say the following, Take a deep breath and say, “I am beginning anew.”

Blow your breath across the quartz.

And then say, “I breathe newness, energy, and light into myself.”

Pass the quartz over the candle flame and repeat, “I have fire, passion, and radiance within me.”

Touch the quartz to the petals of the flower and repeat, “I am blooming, growing, and thriving. I am beautiful even in the darkest storms.”

Dunk the quartz in the moon water and take it back out and repeat, “I have healed, I have transcended, and I will never be defeated.”

Now hold the quartz to your heart and say, “I have begun anew, a fresh start, and I will live my life being, happy, free and with a mended heart.

Carry the stone with you and/or keep it by your bedside. Hold it when things get rough or you’re beginning to fall into your old, bad habits.

Do this spell anytime to recharge the crystal and your space anytime you feel you need too.


Beautiful video, Laurie!!

Thanks for sharing this spell for new beginnings! Great for using some of that New Moon Water.

I also liked the introduction! A good way to start cleaning is by following Marie Kondo’s rules: :broom:

  • Rule 01. Commit yourself to tidying up.
  • Rule 02. Imagine your ideal lifestyle.
  • Rule 03. Finish discarding first.
  • Rule 04. Tidy by category, not by location.
  • Rule 05. Follow the right order.
  • Rule 06. Ask yourself if it sparks joy.

This is perfect- we get the keys to our new place tomorrow and I was planning on a big cleanse!


Congratulations on the new home @mrs

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Thank you @Francisco - Marie Kondo is an amazing organizer I need her services LOL

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Awesome!! :partying_face: Congratulations on the new place and the best wishes! :pray:

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Thank you @Francisco! I’m so looking forward to it, I really need a fresh start :blue_heart: can’t wait to cleanse and build my new altar! :heart_eyes: