You Don't Need Anything but You in Witchcraft

We are constantly surrounded by things, tools, gadgets, trinkets and all manner of objects to enhance our witchcraft. What do the gods feel? How can we get the gods under our skin?

Freya is a goddess of the darkness, a fighter. She resides in the in-between spaces of our mind and heart. When we drop our need to surround ourselves with the next object, Seidr is born. Seidr is the spells and incantations that are already within you, they are you, they are your skin.

Feel the gods in you, feel that raw energy, feel and know. By using your knowledge, you can manifest through yourself all the magic you’ll ever need.

Feel it. You are alive with it.


So true. Don’t really need anything to connect


Thank you for the balancing. We have had a lot about tools, lately. This is a great reminder to be the magick we wish to see in the world!


Beautiful message. Love this, Tracy - thank you for sharing it! :heart: :raised_hands: