Your Daily Inspiration 😎


I know personally, I’ve been complaining that it’s been way too hot. (I have breathings probs) I have the only room in the house without an ac unit or a functional window. Somehow, it broke. I don’t know how to fix it. But anyway the point that I’m trying to make is I have a fan that I’m grateful for! I know that without that fan, I’d be even more miserable!!! So today, I’m grate for my fan!

What are you grateful for?


Today I am grateful for my home. It’s just a feeling that I have. I learned to be grateful for a lot of things that I used to take for granted then completely lose sight of… I have been doing so much better the past, we’ll say, 3 months. I had last week that was really hard & I was honestly nervous that I was slipping back into a depression. I got through it & have this home that is very comfortable for me & there is so much love here.


I am grateful for being able to sit under my apple tree and drink tea in the garden :heart::heart: thank you for these :heart:


I tend to do the same thing—complain when it’s too hot. :hot_face:
But this year, I’m going to try to focus on, and be grateful for, all the positive aspects of summer, such as longer days, grilling, fireflies, swimming, sitting outside at sunset with a candle burning, the smell of suntan lotion, ice cream and popsicles, and the list goes on.


I do a daily gratitude entry in my journal, and today I was grateful that the power didn’t go out in last night’s storms. The power blinked, but didn’t go out!


Reading everyone’s messages about things they are grateful for makes me want to be more mindful of those things too! :raised_hands:

Today, I’m grateful for hugs :hugs:. It’s just a small gesture, but ever since my partner moved in with me those little happy moments have been the light in my days- during the winter and through tough times. Sometimes it really is the small things that make a big difference! :yellow_heart:

Thanks for this lovely affirmation and gratitude prompt, @Christina4! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Reading all these post and makes me consider the fact that there are so many people in our coven that I am so grateful for friends and family and coven.
I feel so grateful for the the five elements! :pentagram:
I do too complain its hot but it gets to a certain temperature and I feel like I am suffocating! I end up going inside and enjoy the air conditioning. Although this year I made an oath to myself to get some sun and enjoy the sun! Anything under the sun! I did some yoga outside with my husband tonight. We barbecued too!


I’m grateful for the rest and the reset I am getting at my dad’s. My brain is finally accepting that I need this time away from the worries of the world to heal.

I’m grateful for @christina4. I know she’s going through crap but she posts on here everyday words of inspiration.

I’m grateful for @Siofra and @Amethyst. I’ve not really checked in on them as friends should and yet they always are there to encourage me. :cry: You’re reasons enough to get better so I can be a real friend again.

OMG (oh my goddess :wink:) am I ever grateful for @Jeannie1! She has been a light as I reached my lowest point.

Finally, I’m grateful for @anne2 and her many poems. Thank you.

There are more, many more. But this coven has given me life in more ways than one. Thank you.


You’re so beautiful!!! Thank you for this response!!! I appreciate you!!! Along with the entire coven!!! Infinite Roots Strong!!! :infinite_roots:


Oh thank you @praecog29 when the time comes, I’m sure that you will check on me too. Everyone goes through things a little differently.


You’re welcome @praecog29 ,

The next poem I’ll release lies more on the somber side of life, the side I usually keep locked off away from the rest of the world to see when those thoughts of grief plague my brain. When I did the Fire Invocation several days ago, I actually felt it’s effect at the same date during night time and ended up in tears for what may have felt like an eternity to me, it was a good release, I’m just thankful the poems I already released are able to give comfort, advice, solace and entertainment to any who’d read it

Blessed Be,


Today I’m grateful that Sherlock forces me to get outside and walk him even when I feel crappy as the fresh air is good for me.


Aww, thank you, Ben. We’ll chat more tonight! That’ll get us caught up. A real friend is a friend no matter how long apart they see one another or talk. You’re there for us when we need you, that’s what matters!


I am speechless thanks Ben we have so much to be grateful for!! We have friendship that can be so wonderful and powerful to spirit.
It feels so good that I could help. I pray :pray: someday we will run into each other during astral projections if not I’ll catch you in travel!
Blessed be!


That’s so sweet!! I’m glad that he has you!!