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I love this one!!!


I also love this one! It’s so true! I have been working on some things & have moved past some walls because of doing just this! :heart:


I have been working on some trauma that I think I get past but always comes sneaking around that corner to slap me in the face. Trauma is hard to deal with. Especially PTSD! I try to keep my head up but there’s days and even weeks that I can’t do anything bc All I want to do is cry. But I’m glad I journal and talk to my therapist. I know my therapist must have to use some sage or Palo after talking with me :sweat_smile::rofl:


I have been journaling & working on my PTSD & Anxiety. The journaling for me really helps. I also have been doing guided meditations through Headspace for some things. Right now I am doing them on Financial Stress & using the 1 minute of Mindful Breathing exercise. My therapist that I liked (took me a while to find her) left the practice so I have to find a new one. I’m reluctant because I had been through some things with her & finally started opening up. I hate repeating myself & opening up to people; it takes me a while to know if I’m comfortable enough for that. Since my 20s there have only been 2 therapists that I could do that with. The first one I had for YEARS. She left the practice after her husband passed away. I wasn’t even mad, but I did kind of grieve for that one. She was great. Now I briefly talk to my psychiatrist, probably a lot more than the average patient, but she is great. & it helps her understand where I am at when we go over my medications.


I’ve been through many therapists that I’ve grown attached to that left. I have one now and we’re like best friends. I will die (not literally) if she leaves!!!

I tried Headspace but then I stopped bc I had to pay :sweat_smile: but I have great journal prompts now and I meditate on the daily. I have stopped for a while but I’m back at it.

I’m into the astral field of magic. I haven’t told anyone else, I just say eclectic. But I work hard on dream work, astral projection, and ancestral healing. It helps me finally say, I get it now. Everything finally fits together like puzzle pieces. :jigsaw: Does that mean I’m a cosmic witch?? Or astral?? Idk :woman_shrugging:t4:

Thanks so much for opening up and sharing with me! It means more than you’ll ever know!! :hugs::two_hearts:


Oh you’re welcome! I hope you have a great day! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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