Yule 2021 🎄 Coven Celebrations!

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Winter Solstice is Fast Approaching!

Yule is the name given to the Sabbat that corresponds to the Winter solstice. :evergreen_tree::snowflake: The feasts of Yule are a Germanic celebration that originally lasted for 12 days and are older than the Christmas holidays.

The Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year. From that day onwards, the sunlight hours increase as the days become longer. The winter solstice takes place between December 20 and 23 every year in the Northern hemisphere, and between June 20 and 23 in the Southern hemisphere.

Need Ideas?

How about a Yule Celebration ritual? Cast along with the Spells8 video in this simple Yule ritual. You can do it on your own or adapt it to be done with a group!

Yule Solitary Ritual

Or maybe check out this list of Pagan solstice music!

Brush up on your Yule knowledge with the Spells8 free printable for the solstice!

Yule Correspondence PDF Download

Or go caroling around your neighborhood (or just your house or altar) with this song, Witches’ Bells, sung to the tune of Carol of the Bells!

Witches’ Bells Invocation PDF Download

Or break out your crayons and colored pencils for a cute little Yule coloring page!

Yuletide Coloring Page PDF Download

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However you choose to celebrate, the mod team wish you a wonderful solstice! Use this post here to share your ideas, celebrations, photos, or questions!


I am feeling inspired by these beautiful Yule witch balls on Etsy! I may try my hand and making one of these.

My early attempt at a Yule log using a little Swiss roll and sawed off birthday candles. It looked okay when it was lit for about 7 seconds. But the taste was…not good. Back to the drawing board!


Yule is right around the corner I am so excited ! :heart_eyes: Yule was the first Sabbat I ever celebrated (back before I knew anything about the Sabbats haha) and it’s always held a special spot in my heart. There really is something magickal about this season :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@MeganB Thanks for all these great seasonal resources! :sparkling_heart:

@Mary25 Adorable little Yule Log! :star_struck: Do you have any idea what caused the taste to be off? Was it the Swiss Roll/recipe used, or perhaps did some wax from the candles ruin the taste (saying that because I know from experience that cutting candles can be rather messy!) The first one looked really cute- keep on trying! :blush::sparkles:


@TheTravelWitch well, it just goes to show you can’t believe everything you read online :slight_smile: These are Walmart swiss rolls. Reviewers said they were better than Tastykake or Ho Hos. Let me tell you what they tasted like and in case you haven’t guessed, I do not have the most discriminating palate :rofl: The coating tasted like what bug spray smells like. The cake and cream was indescribable but it didn’t taste like “food.” I had to throw them all away! Probably the best tasting thing on my yule log WAS the candles LOL!

And so proves the marketing power of three. A product can be inexpensive, easy/fast or good quality. It can be two of the three. But it cannot be all three.

I know my limits. I am going to the bakery to order one for Yule :slight_smile:


Forgive me for laughing- the way your wrote this was hilarious, Mary :joy: Does Walmart have reviews in their online store? Maybe you should considering sharing this review- one to spread the truth and combat the reviews of people who may not have taste buds?? And two to give everyone else a chuckle :laughing: :+1:

If I ever want to experience the flavors of bug spray, I now know to head to the bakery section at Walmart :rofl:

I love this- the rule of three can really be applied to so many things! :small_red_triangle:

The bakery sounds like a good plan- I hope you can find a delicious swiss role/Yule Log for your Yule celebrations, Mary! :cake: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I was finally able to bring out my Yule log! (I feel like I may have posted this somewhere already but I honestly can’t remember :woman_shrugging:t3: )

Anyway, I didn’t get to have it out last year because we were in the process of moving. This year, though, it’s sitting front-and-center in my living room :heart:


@MeganB That’s beautiful!


Thank you :heart::heart:


Gorgeous Yule Log, @MeganB! :heart_eyes: May it burn brightly and bring joy for you and your family this Yuletide :evergreen_tree: :blush::sparkles:


Thank you! I’m waiting until Solstice to light it, and then I’ll keep it burning as long as I can :candle:


Merry Yule Everyone! I love your Yule Log @MeganB .

I was thinking about making a reusable log, we have aspens here and I love the white bark so maybe I will make one out of that next year.

Utah doesn’t seem to have birch trees but there are a lot of pines, aspen and cedars. I decided to go with none of those and picked a log out of a brush pile from one of my husbands job sites since it was going to be thrown away.

I set my log up with the candles for the Yule Spell but all the Yule logs I’m seeing either have white candles or red, white and green. Maybe I will put a green candle in the place of black one until the Solstice. I do like the black though.

I plan on burning this yule log in my outdoor fireplace.

:rose:Blessed Be


I think that’s the best way to go :partying_face:

It looks like its coming together nicely! I also really like the look of white wood, but we don’t have Birch trees in my area :cry: Mine is made from a piece of pine that we had in Oregon that was going to be firewood for our wood burning stove.


@MeganB Your Yule log is beautiful!

No Yule log here, but my tree is up and making me smile :slight_smile:


And I’ve now updated my altar cloth :slight_smile:


@Sarall Merry Yule to you as well- your Yule Log is gorgeous! :heart_eyes:

@IrisW Such a lovely tree, and it’s doing its job if it brings a smile to your face! :blush: I think the little reindeer pulling the sleigh with the teddy bear is adorable :two_hearts: And look at that altar- everything is looking amazing at your place, Iris!


Merry Yule & I love your setups! I don’t have a Yule Log, but I do have a tree & some other decorations. We are still in the process really :joy:


Merry meet all. We were supposed to travel to Washington state on the 19th but sadly found out a dear friend had passed from lung cancer. So going to the funeral on Sunday and then BAM my eldest son and fiancé are coming to visit and will be here from late Sunday the 19th evening to early afternoon on the 21st. So what decorating we weren’t going to do, has to been done now. Here is this year’s Yule log and the terra cota protection bowl that I used last year which I gave facelifts to.

Yule log for 2021
Yule Protection plate facelift. I had to repair a crack as well so it didn’t break. Knotwork isn’t perfect but I love how it turned out. Celebration is going to include 4 of my children this year. :slight_smile:

Hope the season is merry and bright for all. For us, we have reasons to celebrate as several things we were manifesting are coming to the physical realm for us.

Blessed Be!! :partying_face: :wine_glass: :tada: :tada: :sparkler: :sparkler: :fireworks: :fireworks: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree:


Wonderful job on the plate! Everything looks great! :heart_eyes:

I’m happy you will have 4 of your children! This is the first year in 5 years that I have all 3 children home for the holidays. :hugs:

I’m sorry for loss & canceled plans. I hope you have time to breathe & take yourself too this week. :two_hearts: :infinite_roots:


@Siofra I took today as a self care day and painted my bowl. I still have gifts to wrap but tomorrow is another day.


I have been taking more time each day to go at my own pace & take time for what I want & need to do each day. It’s important for this time bustling time of year.