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We have a small zoo here, (Hogle Zoo), but it is very nice. I got a few good pictures but they are not all the greatest so I won’t share them all.

I encourage other members to share their photos from their local zoo and animal parks too. It makes me sad to see animals in cages but I know the zoos have changed and are working more toward conservation and preservation of our animals. We should give them support when we can. :two_hearts:

Now on to the pictures…

This Spider monkey was being funny I think, he had his lip pressed on the fence for awhile then he lifted his face up then put his lip right back on the fence :rofl:

This type of monkey is so beautiful with their long hair. Reminds me of a skunk! :skunk:

Elephants need to be protected! :elephant:

The Rhinos really need help. This is a Black Rhino they are in trouble but there are only a couple White Rhinos left! :rhinoceros: :rhinoceros:

This leopard has 2 babies. The sign said there are only 40 left in the wild!!

The babies are so very cute!

The otters are so playful and cute. They are a favorite in our family.

I wish the pictures were better. I hope you guys get some good pictures to share!
I also got some goodies in the gift shop but that will be a different post.


Very cute pics! For a minute when I first saw the name of the zoo, I read it as Hoggle and I was expecting pixies or something! LOL! I have watched Labyrinth one too many times.


Hello cute little leopard babies! :heart_eyes: And look at that sweet otter- the otters are always a favorite of ours too :otter: :two_hearts:

I have a friend who works at an animal sanctuary zoo and I can confidently say that I’ve never met anyone who loves and cares for animals as much as he does. It, unfortunately, can’t be said for every zoo around the world, but there are certainly some places that treasure and work hard to protect the creatures that call those sanctuaries and havens home.

The animals here all look happy and healthy! I’m glad you had such a lovely adventure and got to meet some animal friends :blush: Thanks for sharing the pics, Sarall! :heart:


Ooo ooo ooo ooo (imagine the scene from the Shrek movie where Donkey is begging to be picked to go with Shrek)

Perth Zoo has become my new favorite place. Earlier this year mum and I went for the first time since I was a kid. I bought myslef a annual membership so I can visit as many times as I want in a year and it won’t cost a thing at the gate. I have now been 4 times this year lol. All the money raised goes towards conservation efforts for all species that reside in the zoo.

I agree sometimes I wonder about animals in enclosures. But the zoo does such great conservation work and I have known a lot of these animals since I was little and I have grown up with them being a part of Perth news and happenings. I know they are loved and well looked after.

Ok these are some of my favourite photos… that I took all by my onesies.

This is Trisha the matriarch of the Asian Elephant herd. She was born in Vietnam on the 24th January 1957 and came to Perth in 1963. Every morning if it is nice, warm and sunny she comes out with her keeper to do some gentle aerobic exercise. Sometimes she likes to be a little cheeky and show off for her visitors.

This is Armani the stud muffin of the Rothschild Giraffe herd. He has been a busy boy helping to contribute to Perth Zoo’s conservation program with other zoos around Australia and around the world. Perth zoo have a close encounter experience where you can offer them a treat if they would like it.

This is Memphis the Southern White Rhino he came to Perth Zoo from, well Memphis (giggle) in 1989 (the year I was born)

And my all time favourite animals…

Sadly Perth Zoo’s two male lions, brothers Nelson and Mandela passed away a few years ago. I was devastated. Now there are two new sisters, new lionesses. I don’t know their names yet, but I will learn them in time. I was mesmerized by her golden eyes. She looks right into your soul.

I could spend hours wandering around the zoo, especially spending time with the lionesses.

Omg I am a total sucker for a gift shop. I am a magpie for stuff. I have a serious problem where I need more grown up adult-ier adult supervision lol. I have come back with more trinkets and treasures each visit.

Thank you so much for the idea for the post @Sarafeena_Sage

I’ve been feeling petty crappy the last week or so. Found out why. I tested covid positive on Monday morning before leaving for work. Tested negative both Saturday and Sunday then bam positive on Monday.

So I’m home in isolation feeling a little sad and sorry for myself. Having Lupus and being immuno-compromised, I tried so hard not to catch covid but it finally got me. My specialists are calling to check on me every day and are virtually watching me like hawks.

Thank you @Sarafeena_Sage for giving me chance to share some photos from memories and moments that bring me so much joy you helped me to smile today.


I used to work at the zoo! For about 3 years! It was exquisite!


:elephant: :rhinoceros: :monkey: :tiger: :lion: :wolf: :fox_face: :horse: :unicorn: :zebra: :bison: :giraffe: :dromedary_camel: :rabbit2: :chipmunk: :beaver: :bat: :sloth: :koala: :polar_bear: :boar: :hedgehog: :kangaroo: :goat: :black_cat: :raccoon:

:fairy: @Amethyst if I saw a fairy I definitely would’ve done everything I could to get that photo!! That would’ve been an awesome adventure for sure!

:leopard: :otter:@BryWisteria The baby leopards were incredibly cute! I’ve often thought about working at a zoo and how fulfilling it must be. I bet your friend has some great animal stories. I wish everyone that worked with animals loved them as much as your friend. :two_hearts:

:koala: :rhinoceros: @jessica72 :clap: Thank you very much for sharing! I’m happy you are loving and supporting the zoo :two_hearts: Come’on donkey lets go to the zoo LOL :grin: :two_hearts:I love, love, love your pictures :heavy_heart_exclamation: :two_hearts: :two_hearts: I knew we had to have an awesome zoo photographer in the bunch! Keep sharing here as you get more pics with that cool zoo membership :wink:

:unicorn: @AileyGrey I bet that was an exquisite experience! Do you share stories with your students? or go for zoo field trips? So awesome!! :wink:

:rhinoceros: I do want to clarify about my Rhino pic, it is a regular white rhino, the only of the 5 species that is not endangered. There are only 2 Northern white rhinos left!! They are both female and live in Kenya. (Are Rhinos Extinct: The Conservation Status of Every Rhino Species - AZ Animals)

:camera_flash: Share more pictures :tropical_fish: or zoo stories or animal stories.

Happy Zoo-ing everyone!


@Sarafeena_Sage absolutely! I do both! I live near a different zoo than I worked at, but we have been on many, many a zoo field trips. And I have so many stories! Several which involve me almost being eaten!


:dizzy_face:Oh My Goddess!! What almost had you for lunch?? Do tell! :speech_balloon:


@Sarafeena_Sage a blue and gold macaw! For some reason, birds and I don’t get along so well! I was trying to clean his cage and told him to go to his perch and gave him peanuts (total normal routine) and when I opened his cage to get his water dish he went crazy and went after me. I dumped the water all over myself and slammed the cage shut. He was trying to bite me through the cage so I had to hold it shut with my foot. The. He stole the lock and threw it to the back of the cage. I was going to slide the hook closed so I could get another lock, but he twisted it round so I’d have to stick my finger in to twist it. ask… so I just sat with my foot on the cage til someone came in. It was so scary! I still don’t do birds! Whenever I went into the room he would fluff all up and give me the eye!

I also had a wolf friend that stalked me any time I was near her cage, but I didn’t have privileges to work with her (thank goodness I think!)

Always an adventure!


Thank you @AileyGrey for the zoo story. Macaws are powerful birds! They can take fingers off with their beak!
My father-in-law had an African grey that was a handful to put it nicely. I was always scared he was going to bite me. He did bite my son when he was 3 because he wouldn’t listen about putting fingers in the cage. Luckily he didn’t lose his finger but had a large gash. Dad finally re-homed the bird because his apartment wouldn’t allow pets.
We really have to respect animal boundaries. I like the scary ones from a distance. I bet the wolf was very beautiful and very respected :wink:

:heart: :heart: :heart:Thank you for sharing your Zoo adventure :rose: :rose: :rose:


Bucket list item ticked off! This weekend I went and had the close encounter with one of the Rhinos at Perth Zoo. His name is Bakari the Southern White Rhino and he is 17. He was a gentle giant. It was like sticking your hand in a leathery vacuum. I could not believe that we were actually allowed to stroke his horn and give him a pat as we offered him some celery. He was amazing! Money raised from the close encounter experience at Perth Zoo goes towards vital conservation work in Southern Africa. This was without a doubt one of the coolest things I have done! Also I managed to get some pretty cool shots of the Sun Bears on this trip too!


Oh wow, that is awesome! I hate that the animals have to live in enclosures but it looks like they’re happy and healthy at that one. Nice zoo!


Wow! That was an awesome experience. I bet you will cherish that moment forever. Sooo sweet :wink: The sugar bears are really cool. I’ve always thought they were a cool looking animal and wondered if they liked sweet cereal lol


Hee! I used to love Sugar Puffs as a kid! I probably still would if my blood sugar could take it.


LOL Sugar puffs yes thats the one I was thinking of! :wink:


What an amazing experience! :star_struck: And I love that the money goes towards conservation work- you’ve made some new friends and got some amazing memories while supporting a great cause :blush::handshake:

And hello to those cute Sun Bears- they’re really adorable! :bear: :two_hearts:


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