Hobbies: Crochet, crafting of any kind really. Would love to learn how to paint better. My husband makes candles and is learning book binding. We are in the process of designing our dream house that includes a large crafting area with a tall table and several stations for different crafting with shelves to keep everything in check or it will get crazy.

Small business owner and I also work part time.

Finishing my Master’s in HR management so I can be ready to hire employees and know what I am doing. I also take classes for aromatherapy and crocheting. If you are going to do something better do it right and learn. Keeps the brain young and functioning :wink:

Married for 30 years and have 10 children all adults now. Only one is living with us and she has epilepsy so it gets kind of scary with her living alone. She is studying witchcraft with me and is enjoying the candle spells. She does evening yoga meditations with a ton of candles.

Was studying witchcraft and other eclectic topics back in the late 80’s. My mentor took off on me and I halted everything when I met and married my very Catholic husband. Just found out that he would have let me continue studying and practicing the craft only last month . I didn’t need to convert at all.

He is studying to be a Druid and is learning spellcasting as well. We have done a few rituals together.