I’ve never been sure of what I consider important enough to put in an “about me” section that others would want to read :woman_shrugging:t4: , lol.

I’ll be the 3-0 on Dec. 11th, whoot whoot! :birthday: :tada: :balloon:

In my home, I have my SO and our daughter, Felicity. The Queen and King of the house would be the feline’s Nermal :black_cat: and Savage :smirk_cat:.

I’ve been on my path for 2 years now and I consider myself Eclectic. I connect with the :crystal_ball:Crystal beings and they are where I dove into studying first. All the rest just unfolded as it should have :pray:t4:

I live up North :mountain_snow: in Anchorage, Alaska :wolf: :deer: :sheep: :otter: :bear: :owl: :eagle: :fallen_leaf: :leaves:, born and raised. I have tons of family all over the country and across seas. As far as I know, I am of Irish :ireland:, Italian :it:, and German :de: descent. All of which I hope to learn more about throughout my life.