I am a practicing witch drawn to the moon :crescent_moon: planets :dizzy: and nature :seedling: I read tarot, practice crystal therapy :sparkles: and moon manifestations. I enjoy learning and love it when others share their knowledge with me.

I am currently experiencing a spiritual enlightment of sorts :woman_in_steamy_room:t3:I have battled for years with my mental health and have struggled to find my path. I am now working on finding contentment :relieved: true happiness and acceptance of myself :heart:

I live in England with my husband, daughter, rescue dog :dog: and 2 rescue cats :cat: I love reading :open_book: music :notes: exercising, socialising, drinking tea :coffee: walking in the woods :footprints: and growing houseplants :herb: I love all animals, have been a pescatarian :fish: since 8 and I love charity work.

Iā€™m super friendly so feel free to message or @ me :blush:

Goddess~Selene :crescent_moon:
Planets~Venus :heart: Mercury :white_circle:
Element~Earth :earth_americas:
Sun sign~Virgo :virgo:
Rising sign~Scorpio :scorpius:
Moon sign~Gemini :gemini:
Crystal~Moonstone :full_moon: Pyrite :black_medium_square:
Tarot Cards~Magician :mage: Queen of Wands :crown: Hermit :woman_in_lotus_position: 8 of Pentacles :yellow_circle:

~ Be yourself; everyone else is already taken ~

~ The truth is rarely pure and never simple ~

~ To love oneself is the beginning of a livelong romance ~