Hello, I go by Dee and I live in NY. I have an 8 year old dog name Jersey ( J is pretty much her name lol)
I’ve always been drawn to witchcraft even as a kid I knew something was different. I often have dreams that end up coming true. Especially, the ones that involve pregnancy or death regarding a family member or close friends. At first I’d get freaked out about them. Now I get them and understand them. I learned that they are not warnings and can’t be changed. But are premonitions. The death dreams still scare me because I know what’s coming and wished I didn’t have them. (At first like I mentioned before, I thought I could change them.) What’s the point of having them if you can’t change the outcome?! So that I don’t understand! The dreams have no time limit. It could be a couple of weeks to a year in advance. They’ve occured too many for me to call it a coincidence.

I used to practice spells and rituals when I was younger and than just stopped it. I grew up Christian and still have some of their beliefs. However, I’m learning that Wicca can have many dieties you can believe in without any judgements.
I’m just trying to find my path and become the best person/witch possible. ( I’m starting to feel comfortable saying witch lol) Before I felt ashamed of it and always kept to myself. Now Im becoming more accepting of it.

I truly want to learn and see where this journey takes me. And it feels great to have like-minded people who understand and don’t look at you weird or think you’re cracked in the coconut.

Thank you for reading my bio.

Blessed be.