100 Lessons My 96-Year-Old Grandfather Taught Me



“Don’t fear failure, fear being in the exact same place next year”.
“Don’t regret anything in life, if it’s good it’s wonderful, if it’s bad it’s experience.”

I’m putting this in my Loki journal, it’s so what he’d say.

This is wonderful. Thankyou for sharing :green_heart:


“The best thing you can wear is confidence”. I love this. I just have to find it in my wardrobe.:rofl:

“You cant change those around you bit you can change those younare around”. I have learned this the hard way!

“Respect is earned, not given” something i have always believed and lived by.

" the past is a place of reference, not of residence". This one really struck me. It was a confirmation that it is ok to let go and move on.

Many of these really resonated with me, others prompted thought. This is really great for both inspiration and self reflection. Thanks for sharing!

Blessed be



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