100 Weekly Witchy Challenge

For this Special weekly witchy challenge the 100th challenge! I just want to say thank you for having me a part of this coven and you guys are such a big part of my life and today! I want to Talk about the challenge that I wanted to catch up too as above :point_up_2: so below :point_down:
Honestly I am not a great explainer but I do understand that there is a upper world, middle world and underworld! We all operate in the middle world which is action

The highest is the highest realm which is sorta like a tree with its branches up high and is correlated to our emotions :purple_heart: The higher world that has to do with our crown chakra! The lower world :earth_americas: which has to with our lower energies and emotions :black_heart:that are on the shadow side! So it’s sorta like a sandwich :sandwich: the middle world :earth_americas: has to do with the actions but our actions are governed by our thoughts and it may be from the higher self or lower self! What ever were thinking, we can channel from the top of the skies we can raise our connections to a higher vibration,
My divine connection is with my artwork and when it is the full moon I am going to ask my diety I’ve chosen who is Medusa to help me develop some venom! My venom is be honest with myself and others! Other people can help me get my mind better! Her serpent’s can help me deal with this transformative vibe!
Do you have a connection with Diety?
Yes I am in connection with Medusa she helps me to be a bad ass bitch when I need to be. She would not take any bullshit so why should I? Her snakes are about transformation she wants that fiery dragon to come out when it’s time! She is a humanoid and she stands for that feminine power.
What’s bonds are most important to you in your magical practice? For me what is the meat and the bones the meat of the magical spell and my higher power at that time. One day I might pray to Hekate or the next day I will connect with a god or goddess. In this case I needed the power of Medusa to bring on action in my life to be upfront and honest with others!

I used Madusa mask as an amulet and talisman to help me connect to my feminine powers! I am a goddess and I pray that I will be able to use my power when I need it!
I purchased different colors black for my negative emotions which is a protective color. Purple which helps my crown chakra to use my intuitive and wisdom! Silver to help me connect to my feminine powers! Pink for self love :two_hearts: Also you can go to hobby lobby to get the clay!

As above :point_up_2: so :point_down: below
I also wanted to participate in the witch challenge of the tools of the trade! Most of my craft is put away write know but recently I got a new BoS for my book of shawdos

I wanted to share my Bo’s cause I really want to make my bos nice! Stamp up is a good tool I am thinking of using too! I’ll let you see when I am done! My friend has quite a collection so I might just narrow some tools from her!
I went to a gem fair and I am trying to bead bracelets so I can wear jewelry or maybe even give a gift away if I feel someone needs it!



Some of my feathers :feather: I collected while on my walks!

glad I was able to catch up!


I really enjoyed hearing about your exploration of As Above, So Below- thank you so much for taking the time to answer the prompt questions! :heart:

It is really cool that you are working with Medusa, Jeannie- She is one strong Goddess! :snake: :sparkles: And that mask is amazing- I love the colors you choose :purple_heart: Seeing your crafts and art pieces is always a delight- you are so talented! :art:

Congrats on your new BoS! It is a gorgeous one- look at the details on the cover! :heart_eyes: May I ask what the material is- is it leather? The design is so intricate and beautiful. You’ve found yourself one perfect BoS, my friend! :open_book:

And look at all those beads and feathers!!! I’m in awe! Goodness, Jeannie, you have so many amazing crafting tools and materials- you are one creative witch! :sparkles::blush:

Thank you so much for sharing! :heart: Blessed be!


Beautifully written. And your BOS is gorgeous

This is my favorite one.


Travel Witch I’m not sure what kind of leather the Bos is but I got it on eBay and I actually got another one too because I really want to get down to the bare bones and journal everyday! Anything and I love all of infinite roots journaling prompts!

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Thank you for all your encouragement! I sure do miss u all! It’s so good to be apart of the challenge and be in our circle! We’re definitely more powerful with each other


Thank you I love the owl you have on yours great symbolism! Right back at you.


Ohhhhh :heart_eyes: This one is gorgeous too!

You’ve got a good idea for finding treasures, Jeannie- may your beautiful Books serve you well! :books::two_hearts:

I couldn’t have said it better- cheers to that! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks so much again for joining in the challenge, Jeannie- it’s always wonderful to hear from you and see your beautiful spellwork! :heart:

Much love and many blessings! :sparkles:


Yes I need to make time to make my charmed bracelets especially for my friends and family!
It’s a good way to bring in friendship!


Agreed! :blush: Any present is enhanced with a bit of loving magick- your charmed bracelets will make wonderful gifts for your loved ones! :gift_heart: :sparkles:

Blessed be!


Thank you Travel Witch it’s the best! People love that when you think of them and you use your own hands


It’s so true! Homemade gifts and things made from the heart are really the best :gift_heart: :sparkles::blush: