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This medical mead recipe is used for stomach issues, sleep. Depression, colds, and more. This is a potent and crisp mead. You can replace the rose with lavender as well for a more calming mead. Please note this a dual fermentation process you will want to fully understand this process beforehand. Please look up the basics of homebrewing before following this recipe as it would take far too long to try to teach homebrewing here. I recommend the joy of homebrewing book (ISBN#978-0-06-053105-8) if you wish to try making this. While you can drink this as a beverage in small amounts think shot or tablespoons this is a wonderful medical mead.

Rose hip mead or rose mead

8- or 10-pounds light honey
5-gal fresh water or spring water
1-pound fresh rose petals or 1/2 pound rose hips (make sure to use edible roses from the rosa family)
6oz fresh grated ginger
1tsp gypsum
1tsp citric acid
1/4thtsp Irish moss powder
3tsp yeast nutrient
1.5oz fresh diced mint
1oz champagne or wine yeast
3/4th cup corn sugar

In a 5-gal stainless steel pot boil 1.5 gallons water add all honey slowly steering gently add corn sugar, ginger, Irish moss. Gypsum, citric acid, and mint, boil for 15 min than remove from heat. Transfer hot wart to 5-gal carboy with 3 gal of cold water waiting. Add more water till you reach 5 gallons. When the temp reaches around 72-76 degrees F pitch the yeast. Plug and mix well. After mixing the yeast remove plug and add a blowoff tube and a catch for the tube and set in a cool dry place. After 7-10 days remove the tube and move to secondary fermenter. Age in secondary fermenter for 2 months than rack. To rack mix 3/4th cup corn sugar that’s been blended with hot water till just melted into the mead. Mix well and bottle. Use any bottle except clear. Make sure all bottles are non-twist off cap style. Leave 1.5” room in bottle before capping.
Now place in a cool dark place for 1 year or more testing every other month after the first year. To suit your tastes. I prefer to bottle age this mead for 2 – 5 years.


Magickal and medicinal mead- sign me up! :grinning:

Looking at the recipe, the only things I’m not sure I’d be able to get my hands on would be gypsum and Irish moss powder. I’d also definitely have to do, just like you said, some solid research into homebrewing- I only know the bare basics, and I don’t have any of the proper equipment here.

A really exciting recipe to see though- I love mead and think this would be a great addition to have on hand!

Thank you for sharing your wisdom @LadyDennaRahl! :heart::honey_pot:


You can get everything off amazon or any good homebrew site.


That’s a good point- sometimes I think you can buy anything off of Amazon these days! :laughing:

For now, I’ll keep them both in mind and see if I come across any in local shops.

Thanks again for sharing your lovely recipe, @LadyDennaRahl! :heart:


@TheTravelWitch_Bry u can use epsom salt as a substitute for gypsum. Whirlflock, kelp noodle paste, or agar powder are all substitutes for Irish Moss.


While Epsom salt is used in all-grain brewing to adjust the ph of the water, I would not recommend it for mead making but if you try to use it. You will want to use it at half of what gypsum is called for. I’ll post a few links to places you can buy most ingrents.


these are just a few places to order with worldwide shipping



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