12 days of Yule Planner

I was looking for a Yule planner (12 day) and really didn’t find what I needed. So I made a quick page and I thought I would share in case anyone else was in need of a little organizing for the holiday activities.
Happy Yule! :candle: :high_brightness: :crescent_moon:

12DaysofYulePlanner.pdf (25.8 KB)


How thoughtful of you :relaxed: thanks!!


That’s a beautiful planner, @Sarall- thank you so much for this Yuletide gift! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: May your 12 days of Yule be full of festive joy and fun- have a blessed Sabbat! :heart:


Thank you very much. I hope everyone enjoys it. I am decorating mine with my spells8 stickers to give it more color and interest, since it is very plain.
Have a blessed Sabbat too @TheTravelWitch :sun:
And a Blessed Sabbat to everyone :astrology_earth:


That’s great @Sarall Thanks so much for sharing!!

I like how you added the name of the first eve: “Mother’s Night”. I think you could add some more labels. According to Germanic/Nordic folklore:

The second night is the Night of the Wild Hunt. Although the entire 12 days after Midwinter are considered the Wild Hunt, I think this is when it “officially” begins.

In Germanic traditions, the eve of the twelfth night is known as Perchta’s Day. Frau Perchta, also known as “the Christmas Witch” is depicted as a ghastly old crone. Specifically, it is believed that unless one eats a specific diet, Perchta will steal into the house and slit open your stomach.

In Norse traditions, the twelfth night is Oath Night.

In modern Ásatrú, there are different variations of the 12 Nights of Yule, but this is the common theme:

  1. Modranecht (Mother’s Night)
  2. Wild Hunt
  3. High Feast of Yule, sacred to Thor and Frey
  4. Sacred to Ægir, Njörðr & Freya (or sacred to the Vanir)
  5. Sacred to Community
  6. Sacred to Eir and Healing
  7. Sacred to Thor
  8. Sacred to Skadi & Ullr
  9. Sacred to Odin
  10. Sacred to Sunna & the Ancestors
  11. Sacred to the Goddesses & Valkyrie
  12. Oath Night

Here’s an even more modern reinterpretation for inspiration. From Wyrddesigns:

  1. Mother’s Night
  2. The Winter Solstice
  3. Virtue – Courage
  4. Virtue – Truth
  5. Virtue – Honor
  6. Virtue – Fidelity
  7. Virtue – Hospitality
  8. Virtue – Discipline
  9. Virtue – Industriousness
  10. Virtue – Self-Reliance
  11. Virtue – Perseverance
  12. Twelfth Night

Have a happy Winter Solstice! :sun: :christmas_tree:


@Sarall Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Francisco That is amazing information- I can see from what you’ve shared that it looks like tonight is the Night of Wild Hunt (perfect, as we just finished the finale of the Witcher season 2 :joy:). Thank you so much for sharing all of this- I’m taking notes! :writing_hand: :grin:

Wishing a blessed winter solstice and Yuletide to all! :sparkles:


Thank you for sharing @Sarall !:blush:


Thank you for all the information on the 12 days @Francisco. I wrote the info on my planner and I’m sure I will be able to use it this holiday and the ones to come.

I will update the digital version for next year.

Happy Solstice :high_brightness:


Thank you for sharing and giving me a point if research. I have been looking into germanic lore recently and it is fascinating.


Thank you for sharing x


I agree!! You’re welcome :slight_smile: Happy Yuletide and a blessed New Year!