122 Weely Witchy Challenge – Green & Herbal Magick

122 Weely Witchy Challenge – Green & Herbal Magick Challenge entry – Garnet

Plant/Herb magick is a broad and interesting subject. One of the
suggestions for this subject was how to explore Green Magick.
BUT! Since moving to Florida, my allergies are 10 x’s worse, So although
I cannot do much herbal magick, I have listed some things.

I discovered a new plant and its uses, Yohimbe.
Yohimbe is an evergreen tree, native to Africa.

The bark contains the chemical yohimbine.
It’s used as a vasodilator, and also stimulates
nerve impulses to the penis or vagina.
It can also help counteract the sexual
side effects of certain medications used
for depression. (Now they tell me!).
This bark is also used as a mood elevator, to improve athletic performance (I wonder, would this disqualify athletes at the Olympics)and other purposes. But, as with most herbs, there is no good scientific evidence to support these uses, so the scientific community thinks it’s just wishful thinking.
Since I’m too old and crabby for the above,

I’ll move on to →


Are you a witch on a budget?

Rosemary can substitute for any herb.

Roses can be used as a substitute for any flower.

Sage is a good substitute for incense.

Olive oil can be used as a sub. for any oil.

Frankincense can be substituted for any gum resin

Copal can be substituted for any gum resin

Tobacco can be substituted for any poisonous herb

Camphor oil – can be substituted for Eucalyptus oil: Lavender

A white candle can replace any color candle. Didn’t expect candles, did ya?

Clear quartz is a substitute for any crystal.

Copal is a tree resin used as incense and making varnish.

Dragon’sBlood, Equal parts Frankincense and Red Sandalwood

Tobacco can be used as a substitute for belladonna, cowbane, Euphorbium, hemlock, mandrake, nightshade, sulfur, wolfsbane, and yew. One can understand why it can be poisonous.

I want to thank @Mistress of Herbs for her Herbal knowledge &
@Mary25 for her suggestion for this subject and our Tea Queen, TheTravelWitch_Bry because she’s simply the best!
This was fun and interesting
Blessed be


Thank you @Garnet for the substitutions list. That is great!


Sorry about your allergies, Garnet- do they get better in the winter time? I hope so- may they quiet down and not bother you at all! :pray::heart:

Perhaps dried herbs and spices might be a good alternative for fresh herbs? There’s a lot of wonderful herbal magick that can be done with the ingredients in a kitchen pantry, if one feels drawn to the herbal arts! :blush::herb:

This is an interesting one to note- I’ve been on a quest recently to find magickal uses and properties of olive oil (here’s the discussion on olive magick for anyone interested). That’s awesome if it can be used as a general substitution for other oils! :olive: :star_struck:

Awwww, I’m blushing- you are very kind, Garnet! :hugs::two_hearts:

Thank you so much for your great work on this challenge entry- it was very fun to read! :green_heart:


@Garnet awwwwww u are most welcome.


This is awesome I’m going out to buy my printer today this is definitely a list that I will be in need of thank you so much for this detailed information.

Have a blessed day :revolving_hearts:


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