3 Rune Cast

Can a 3 rune draw give a hint for the upcoming week?

If yes, what would be some ways to phrase that question?


I’ve been using this “spread” for my charm casting this week. You could easily use it to pull the runes as well.

(Image from Crone Confidence)


One way is to see how the meanings are connected to each other. Don’t read each rune separate. That would be like looking at symbols this way…. Fish, Cat, House. That would be confusing. Instead you could look at them and put them together intuitively. What first comes to mind? What story can you put together with the runes?

Also looking at the symbols themselves on the runes and see what they make you think of. You can look at the traditional meanings but also look at the symbol designs and see what feeling / images come to mind.

These are some things I’ve read as suggestions and experiences I’ve had. Runes can be a little trickier to work with than, say, oracle cards, because they are very blunt. It can be easy to be confused by the message. They take practice.

I hope this helps :heart:


Great idea! I printed it for my next cast. Thank you!
That is an enjoyable article. I am going to start collecting my charms. I like little objects anyway and now I have a use for them.


I just started charm casting this week for the weekly challenge. You can read my entry here. It’s been quite fun learning and collecting charms!


Wow this is absolutely awesome and thank you so much for sharing Amaris! I am really excited for this one :point_up: I have many trinkets! I can see myself doing this on a regular basis! It seems as though I could use my intuitive side and work that muscle harder than ever! Thanks :blush:


I like it, thank you @Amaris_Bane


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