4 Rabbits in Yard? And earlier 2 Ducks in Yard

I was taking a look at the growth of the flowers and foliage in my backyard and happened upon a pack of rabbits just hanging out like a couple of feet away from me. There were four rabbits. Two were laying down, one legs were splayed out in a very comfy position. Two were sitting up. I’ve never been so close to wild rabbits, much less a group of four and two just hanging out laying down! :rabbit2: :rabbit2: :rabbit: :rabbit:

I have wild rabbits occasionally in my yard, one at a time and they immediately hop away at any sound or movement and dart through the fence. These rabbits stared at me for a while as I stood still and then got up and hopped away after a little bit. But so weird that they hung out while I was so close.

Earlier that morning I saw two wild ducks in my yard, and I have NEVER seen ducks in my yard. A male and a female. I went outside to look at them and they waddled off and then flew away. :duck: :duck:

What is happening? Am I in some sort of fairytale forest? Any signs that I should be aware of? Is this a Beltane thing? :crazy_face:


Oh wow, what a magical experience! :heart_eyes: While I can’t say for sure if it’s a sign or not because those tend to be pretty personal, I can say that I’m not surprised there is extra activity around Beltane. It’s said to be a day that the Otherworld is closer to ours, so you may have encountered special friends!


Very cool! I know we have foxes back here but I’ve only seen them once. But we’ve had raccoons and possums get stuck in the dumpster and bears in the back, which isn’t as fun. LOL!


They sound adorable :rabbit: :heart:

I haven’t spotted any critters out of the norm around here lately, but our yard has exploded with birds over the past week or so. My partner calls it “birdmagedon” :laughing: They’re peeping and squawking from before the sun rises to after it sets :bird:

It could be the time of year, or it could be something more! I’ve found through experience that when the divine wants us to be aware of something, they’ll keep putting it on our radar. Like repeat dreams or stalker cards in a tarot reading, signs with meaning will present over and over until the message comes across (or it’s no longer relevant).

I’d say to keep an eye out and keep your mind open! :wink: :two_hearts: :rabbit2:

Blessed Beltane!


Thank you @MeganB. There was definitely extra activity yesterday and it was so magical!


Wow @amethyst, foxes… I’ve never had those in my yard. I did have black bears when I lived in Connecticut.


I’ll keep my eyes and ears open for any additional signs. I’m doing the tarot and tea today so maybe there will be a message today.


I bet you have foxes, it’s just that they are usually shy. These ones got used to being fed out here at the gazebo. Not good for them really. So the apartment manager stopped it.


Awesome! If there’s a message to be found, may it come through loud and clear for you - so mote it be! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :flower_playing_cards: :sparkles: