7 day tarot spread for the week ahead

So, considering the situation I have dealt with this week with my parents, I decided to do a 7 day outlook reading with my one deck that I call Elmira. I have started to used the meanings I get from the ones that were provided by Spell8 and really find they have helped me connect even more with that particular deck.

Here is the cards that I got and my interpretation of them (inlcuding the keywords I got for each). I am still learning so be gentle with me, lol.

First impression is that I’m in for a rough week, a lot of emotions.

Day 1 (I started with tomorrow, Monday): 2 of cup reversed. Keywords were break up, co dependency, resentment, division, tension. I figured tomorrow I will be dealing with more fallout. Resentment would be my mom, I’m guessing. Division is probably hinting that she will put up a divide. I kinda already expect this as she has done this previously.

Day 2, Tuesday: The Tower upright. Sudden change, tragedy, upheaval, chaos, awakening. I feel this day I will further see a side of my parents that I will need to see, an ‘awakening’ of sorts. Chaos and upheaval as I am now having to get used to doing things more than I used to now that my one child is home permanantly

Day 3, Wednesday: 9 of Swords reversed. unfounded anxiety, worry, fear, guilt, nightmares. This will be a day I need to look inward and stand my ground. I will most likely feel guilty about what I’ve done, I will feel anxiety about being more independent of my parents and scared that I will fail and they will be right

Day 4, Thursday, 7 of wands upright: challenge, competition, perseverance, short lived glory. Only thing I can see is that I may feel fine this day, feel confident in what I am doing just to questions myself. I need to remember that I am strong, I got this.

Day 5, Friday, 4 of swords reversed: home conflict, lack of support, instability, transcience. Most likely a day that will be rough wtih myself and my parents again.

Day 6 Saturday, 9 of swords upright: unfounded anxiety, fear, guilt. Another rough day

Day 7, Page of Pentacles upright: financial oppurtunity, motivation, change.I figure I will have the chance to start early at work, which is financial oppurtunity or my fish tank will sell (selling my big tank). Motivation as I will probably get quite a bit done that I’ve been wanting to.

Not sure if I’m right or close but that’s my take on things. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride. By the way, this deck is rider waite smith deck.


I’m sorry there seem to be some difficult cards turning up for the week ahead, but I do have to say that I think you’ve done a really great job with your interpretations, @Dierna_Nimue_Selene! :clap::heart:

Even if the week turns out to be a hard one, it looks like there is hope in the weekend- the Page of Pentacles is a spark of light and opportunity. Perhaps the challenges of the week lead up to a reward of earthly/material bonuses that you’ll be blessed with next weekend :coin:

Whatever happens, I hope you can still find joy and happiness in the coming days- may you be able to overcome any challenges that come your way and that you can reap the benefits this weekend! :raised_hands:

Blessed be! :two_hearts:


I think you’ve done a really good job with your interpretation. It looks like it will be a rough week, as you mentioned, but ending the week with the 7 of Pentacles is a good sign, in my opinion. That’s a card that, for me at least, points to hard work paying off. It doesn’t necessarily need to be financial. I see the pentacles as being anything physical and dealing with home life, too. It’s your finances, home, and physical world.

I hope that your week is productive for you, even if it’s challenging. I’m sure you will be able to overcome those challenges, learn something in the process, and come out the other side with more growth than you thought! :heart: I’m sure you’ll be just fine!