A different kind of BOS

I have this idea of salt 'n peppering my book of shadows with pages of, well, shadows – weird I know, but these images vividly invoke memories, weather, and feelings when I look at them, so I’ve been experimenting…only using the sun at present, would like to incorporate moon and fire shadows as well.


I love this idea! :black_heart:

I recently lost my HDD full of all my photos from the past ten years. Perhaps something like this could get me back into taking photos again. :smile:


I’m sorry you lost all your photos.


Amazing @korvo
I’m sorry that you lost your photos @starborn


I think that’s a very interesting and unique idea! If the shadows and images invoke emotions, memories, and other things that are important to you, then I think it’s a great idea for your Book of Shadows!

Oh no! That’s literally my worst nightmare! :sob:


Thanks, all. But I really should’ve backed them up… And I did. I just deleted the backup to do it again reorganised, but procrastinated doing that, and then it became too late. I’ll either be able to recover everything, or I won’t. I haven’t given up yet.

As someone with “software engineer” as their job title, I should’ve known better. :woman_facepalming:

But it’s okay. Humanity spent most of civilisation without being able to record their lives with photos. And life is lessons learnt. If I can’t recover anything, well, I’ve got a blank slate to create new memories on, and I won’t make the same mistake twice. I have all my photos from this year still on my phone anyway (now copied to my computer), and since my birthday/marriage is there, well, one could see it as a new life. :black_heart: Perhaps I don’t need to keep the old one.

Anyway, sorry to distract with this. I intended it as merely a reason behind some motivation, but I just wanted to add this comment to clarify that it’s okay. :smile:


Fabulous idea, very arty and atmospheric. Love it :sparkling_heart:

@starborn I’ve lost photos too, but I found that as I’ve got older, old memories become stronger, almost like a photo album in my head, and memories I’d long forgotten have returned, it’s been kinda nice. It’s all in there, just misfiled, that what my mother always says. :rofl: hopefully your computer skills will fix it


That’s a beautiful image. :black_heart:

Perhaps, as long as we take time to reflect on ourselves every so often, we can maintain this album in our heads. :smile:

I love that. :joy: I’m going to have to use it when I can’t remember things… which is all the time, so it’s going to get some good mileage!


haha well, I’m glad it’s okay! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: You’re right - we’re fortunate enough to be able to record all of our memories in picture format. That wasn’t always a possibility! We’ll be okay if and when things like that happen, and we can always document more memories.