A dream i had last night

In my dream last night i dreamt that i was in a tunnel and i was crawling through wires, metal and trash and at the end of the tunnel there was a beautiful garden with plants that look like they belong in another world and there was a lonely maiden whom had been stuck because her legs are made of wood and she told me that she was suprised to see me and so i sat by her while she told me stories and then i looked back at her and she was almost completely a tree and before i knew it she started kissing me and i started to cry because i felt her love and i wanted her to stay with me but she turned into a tree and the last words she was " i love you much" and she was a full on blossoming tree with flowers and then i smelt something so beautiful that i never smelt before, but after that I started crying again and ran off because I didn’t know what to do.
I am still trying to figure out who that maiden is and what she is supposed to resemble in my life oof


What a lovely dream you had. I feel it is a very lucky dream. I do not know you and of course, your intuition about your dream is what is relevant. Can I give this my best guess? And you’ll forgive me if I’m wayyyy off? LOL But I will say my impression is that your dream is about wish fullfillment, the attainment of a dream, the reaching of a goal. You had to go through adversity (wires and metal) and personal problems, as well as self-doubt, shame or guilt (trash) but you prevailed – the beautiful garden. Growth and plants are about goals, becoming, growing as a person. The maiden – the fact that she feels stuck and lonely, could that be you? She could be an aspect of yourself, your inner self, or maybe the person you hope to be. I feel that may be because she turned into this beautiful, flowering tree. That may represent your inner creativity or your recognition of your personal power and potential in the most positive of terms – that you are a good person and your goals are good. It might also be symbolize someone who is supportive in your life or someone departed who loved you and still loves you – as the tree symbolizes the connection between heaven (branches to the sky) and earth roots. it could be something more universal, like Spirit or other beneficial entity. Plenty of cultures believed spirits lived in trees (which is why we say “knock on wood.”) Whatever or whoever she may be, she is the embodiment of love for you. I think it is normal to feel in awe or afraid when confronted with something, even something good. I cried too once when I had a spiritual experience because I didn’t know what to think. Some things are just a lot to handle, even good things! Perhaps the dream is a message that you are on the right path or a message that everything is going to turn out well for you – maybe it is a dream of hope. Maybe you might consider journaling about gratitude, drawing some flowers or the dream scene, or giving yourself or someone a gift of flowers. Or name this tree girl! Embrace self-love and wonder and see where this leads you!


alrighty, thank you for that, i can kind of see it now because lately i have been trying to get closer to nature and not pay attention to negative things in the world that do not serve me at all.
and no don’t worry it’s okay if your way off because it’s another thing to think about.
thank you for giving me more thought about this and blessed be :>
i’m gonna look out for any related dreams and connect the dots because now im super curious.


It sounds to me (just my opinion) that you’re going through a transformation of some kind. You’re becoming more aware of this and it saddens you to let the old go. The tree sounds beautiful! I looked this up and this is what I got:

If you dream that you are having a transformation in your life it typically means that something is changing to you in a more metaphysical way. Perhaps you are becoming more self-aware. It could also mean that you have hit and are passing a major milestone in your life.

If it’s not transformation then, I believe you’re getting more in tune with Mother Earth and all her energies. That’s beautiful, I’d cry too…

I hope you get some kind of reassurance of the meaning. It’s always your interpretation that makes the most sense!


Ooh, you’re good!! :blush: That’s a wonderful interpretation!!!