A Goddess Anon?

Hey Ladies, does any one know of a goddess named Anon? She made herself visible in my morning meditation and told me her name was “Anon”. Goddess or demon? could you check your lists? :sweat_smile:

Lots of blue light, some gold and then changing to a silver/white. Interesting meditation to say the least



Sorry, I can’t find that one with a quick search. However, that could simply be the persona they wish to use with you. She could be anyone. :smile:

I have Egyptians on my mind this early morning for some reason. Anon sounds similar to some of those deities, but I don’t know any full matches.

The only other one I can think of is An/Anu, but that’s the male creator God of Mesopotamian deities, sometimes known as father to Inanna/Ishtar. Perhaps a search through those as well might return some results, however?

It might also be worth looking into close matches to the name.

Or the goddess is messing with you a little and introducing herself as “anonymous.” :smile:


@Shadeweaver Gone through the list, she’s not listed, but only a male deity/demon Amon. However the lists are not complete, and they can appear to you in a way that appeals to you.

Also they can switch between male/female, I’ve hilighted this in blue



She only showed me a beautiful face then faded into the background. She wanted to be seen and when I asked for Her name it was given to me as Anon or something similar. She didn’t look Egyptian to me and anon has many varied meanings



  1. At another time; later.
  2. In a short time; soon.
  3. At once; forthwith.

I will continue with my meditations specifically on Her. I just figured my illuminated witches might have some interesting info. :sweat_smile:



@Shadeweaver She may reveal herself to you over time. Like Loki did with me. Keep us posted. I’m curious too :thinking::sparkling_heart:


Ah, Amon. He, I do have notes on.

  • Amon is thought to be able to make friends turn into enemies or help them make up. He can also make an enemy fall in love with you to gain an advantage.
  • Amon can predict the future, which can be useful in life’s uncertain situations. He can also assist in dealing with business rivals or difficult colleagues.
  • Amon can reveal the true nature of deceptive people, exposing their lies. He is also believed to have the power to cause natural disasters.
  • Amon is connected to sex magick.
  • Amon’s colours are gold, white, and black, and his favoured scents are apple, cinnamon, and vanilla.

Interestingly, the Wikipedia page links him to the Ancient Egyptian god Amun.

Sorry we couldn’t get you closer to figuring it out. But as @tracyS said, keep us posted. I’m curious. :slightly_smiling_face:


She has a familiar feeling and there has always been a likeness in my dreams for as long as I can remember. We’ll see. :people_hugging:

I’ll let you ladies know if anything else comes up. Seems we are all blessed with intereseting times. :people_hugging:



Besides what’s already been mentioned, there are two other deities that might have some connection to this Anon goddess that came to you. The first one is Anat, an interesting goddess who has connections with both the Greek and Egyptian pantheons.

Anat was a goddess associated with warfare and hunting, best known from the Ugaritic texts. Most researchers assume that she originated in the Amorite culture of Bronze Age upper Mesopotamia, and that the goddess Ḫanat , attested in the texts from Mari and worshiped in a city sharing her name located in Suhum, should be considered her forerunner.

Wikipedia: Anat

The second that comes to my mind is Anu/Danu. She is potentially a Goddess, or she is also potentially what’s called an egregore of the living spirit of Ireland.

In Irish mythology, *Danu ([ˈdanu]) is an obscure figure of Irish mythology, whose sole attestation is in the genitive in the name of the Tuatha dé Danann (Old Irish: “The peoples of the goddess Danu”). Though primarily seen as an ancestral figure, some Victorian sources also associate her with the land.

Wikipedia: Danu

I hope that’s helpful!

It could also be exactly as you found - Anon meaning at a later time. This could allude to her identity being revealed to you later.


A longshot maybe, I found Annona connected to Ceres. It says Annona represented Rome’s grain independence from its traditional supplier Egypt. If you read through the links you can see her depiction on Roman coins. Maybe the gold represented the cornucopia she holds and the blue the Roman harbor where she transported grains?


@Shadeweaver, I recently chanced upon an Angel named Anon. Zodiac affiliation: Taurus. Specialty: Love, beauty, charisma. Referenced in https://message.angelcarddaily.com/
There is no search button for individual names, and the site tries desperately to sell you something, so it may not be reliable. I have been using it to familiarize myself with individual angel names. There is another site, which will come up eventually if you keep putting your name on their mailing list- I’ve lost the link. It seemed very similar, but based in a Slavic country… They may have more information. Sorry I’m not able to give you more, and what I do have may seem more like spam; but I hope this helps. She sounds lovely.


Thank you @georgia Interesting info. I’ll keep looking though. I haven’t had anymore contact with her, so I’ll keep on going down the path she wants for now.

Thanks again, the search continues :silver_heart: :heart_on_fire:



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