A Journey & Tarot Reading with Anubis

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I worked with Anubis early in my practice. I believed he was in my life to help me face challenges, discover the depths of my soul, and embrace the darkness within it. He wanted me to make peace with that darkness within me and embrace every aspect of myself.

Anubis also wanted to help me bring order and structure into my life because things in my life moved chaotically at times. He encouraged me to make concrete plans for the future and take steps toward achieving my goals.

Anubis also wanted to help me connect with my subconscious. He recommended that I meditate in the dark for at least 10 minutes and let my subconscious voice guide me. During this time, I could write down the thoughts that came to mind. With time, I could decipher what my subconscious was telling me.

Anubis was also trying to help me build a solid foundation for my dreams and aspirations. He wanted me to focus on my spiritual side, be aware of my abilities, and make the most of my spiritual gifts, such as clairsentience. He wanted me to know that my connection to the spirit world was significant, so making the most of my abilities could help me in the future, not only spiritually but also in the worldly realm.

Anubis wanted me to be adventurous, enjoy what life had to offer, and fight for my dreams. He wanted me to build my self-confidence, have more compassion for myself, escape the prison I had created for myself, and be true to who I was (and know that there was nothing wrong with showing this self to the world). He showed me that I could express my uniqueness through my hobbies.

He wanted me to focus more on ways to protect myself. He advised that I energetically cleanse my apartment and myself and use tourmaline or small protective spells, as I was prone to the spirit world.

He also wanted me to know that after darkness, there would always come light. I shouldn’t have been discouraged by the happenings in my life, but should have aimed higher every time. Anubis wanted me to free myself from my fears, as they could make me stagnate. Of course, it would be difficult to face my fears, but difficult was not impossible. I needed to trust myself and my spiritual team to help me along the way.


Fast-forward to tonight. It’s time for some candles and tarot*! I retrieved two dark blue candles and a white candle, then anointed them with my Anubis “Book of the Dead” oil (contained in the heart-shaped container pictured above). In front of all of that, I placed my small obsidian sphere, and I wore two of my obsidian bracelets.

This reading looks pretty similar to what I got from the Morrígan! (And wow. I’m way hungrier than usual after this one. :laughing:)

What aspect of my life is Anubis guiding me to pay attention to now?

Anubis is guiding me to focus on choice and decision-making. Much like the figure on the bicycle in the Chariot, I am encouraged to take a self-directed journey and make deliberate choices, both major and mundane. It’s all about taking action and moving forward confidently, especially in times of uncertainty or doubt.

What hidden depths of my soul am I being encouraged to explore?

Anubis is encouraging me to explore transformation and rebirth within my soul. With its figure pushing through pain and into a bed of chrysanthemums, Judgement signifies a need to embrace fundamental changes, even if they are painful. These experiences are meant to lead me to a place of rest, rebirth, and, ultimately, a stronger and more complete self.

How can I bring more order and structure into my life?

Anubis suggests that I need more solitude and personal reflection, much like the Hermit, who symbolises the need for introspection and self-inventory. By taking time to connect with my inner self and consider my abilities, resources, feelings, and limits, I can create a more organised and structured life.

How can I better utilise my spiritual gifts?

Anubis advises that I take a firm stance against dishonour within the community. The Five of Swords, represented by the broken khanda, highlights integrity and honour, suggesting that even victories can feel hollow if not achieved with righteousness. I should be vigilant and ensure that my spiritual abilities are applied for just and honourable purposes, advocating against any actions that bring dishonour.

How can I strengthen my connection to the spirit world?

Anubis encourages me to embody the qualities of the King of Cups. This means cultivating abundance, generosity, security, level-headedness, reliability, and tolerance. By being aware of my power and limitations and maintaining a balance of emotional and financial security, I can deepen my spiritual connection and reap the benefits of both realms.

What protective measures should I take to safeguard my energy?

Anubis suggests that I nurture my friendships and bonds. The Three of Cups, symbolising celebration and shared joy, indicates that surrounding myself with supportive and positive relationships can help protect my energy. Sharing good intentions and news with trusted friends can create an uplifting environment.

What fears do I need to confront and overcome?

Anubis points out that I need to confront and overcome my fears about victory, superiority, confidence, and pride. The Six of Wands, symbolising triumph and recognition, highlights the fear of stepping into a position of confidence and acknowledging my achievements. Overcoming this fear will allow me to fully embrace my successes and the pride that comes with them.

When I was finished with the reading, I remembered that I’d obtained an item for him but never made the time to dedicating it to him. So, I finished off by anointing and dedicating the above cuff bracelet to Anubis.

:black_heart: :silver_heart: :heart:


* Anyone is free and welcome to modify and/or use the tarot spread that I made for this. :smile: The format is below:

 1 3
4 5 6

And matches the questions in the order I listed them above:

  • What aspect of my life is Anubis guiding me to pay attention to now?
  • What hidden depths of my soul am I being encouraged to explore?
  • How can I bring more order and structure into my life?
  • How can I better utilise my spiritual gifts?
  • How can I strengthen my connection to the spirit world?
  • What protective measures should I take to safeguard my energy?
  • What fears do I need to confront and overcome?

That’s really cool.ivealways loved anything to do with Egypt. Beautiful :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


A detailed and heartfelt reading - I always enjoy seeing how you interpret the cards and reveal their messages :clap: And what a thoughtful offering/dedication too! The bracelet is gorgeous. It has an aura of strength and determination about it - may it encourage and help guide you forward :sparkles:

It’s a lovely spread and very kind of you to share it! Thank you so much, Katerina :pray: :flower_playing_cards: :blush:


I’ve bookmarked your spread. I’ve never worked with the Egyptian deities but I’ve always felt drawn to Anubis.This is fabulous :green_heart:


What a beautiful entry and spread. I have book marked it for future use… thank for being you. And sharing your gifts. :people_hugging:


A beautiful reading (and pictures!) as always, @starborn :heart: I’ve never worked with Anubis but I might give your reading a try. He’s one of the only Egyptian deities I’ve ever had a mild interest in. Thank you for sharing!


How wonderful :heart: :blush: :hugs::blue_heart:


@Devenne Thank you, my beautiful sister. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m always very honoured to hear that you like what I do. :black_heart: Same for me with Egypt. Ancient Egypt especially has always felt so magickal, with their appreciation of the stars and universe beyond. :sparkles:

@BryWisteria Thank you, kind Bry. :black_heart: It’s funny. It’s actually pretty hard for me to pull much meaning in many visual art forms, but the tarot cards are truly something else. Especially this somewhat macabre deck. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: The bracelet happened to be intuitively chosen for me when I bought it, but I do love the choice nevertheless.

@tracyS Thank you, I’m glad you like it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Would it be even more encouraging if I said it’s pretty easy to see Anubis as a daemon? :laughing: He’s considered a psychopomp, taking on a role very similar to Eurynomous.

@celineelise I do so much appreciate your support. Thank you! :black_heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@MeganB Thank you, Megan. It’s an honour. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m curious… Does Anubis feel similar to any other spirits or energies that you find in your own practice? Perhaps underworld deities transcend culture a bit more than others.

@Sivonnah Thank you~ It’s always nice to see you around. :black_heart:


Hmm… not that I can think of. I haven’t worked closely with Celtic deities of death or the dead. There isn’t really an Underworld in Irish paganism or Celtic Reconstructionism since most ancient Celts believed in a transmigration of the soul. I would imagine so, though!

I’ve always been drawn to the “darker” deities, though. When I was interested in the Greek pantheon it was always Hades and Persephone :laughing: I’ve been meaning to research more about Donn, an Irish God said to be a psychopomp who guides the souls of the dead to Tech Duin where they wait to go on their next journey. There’s also another deity I just learned about called Bilé who is thought to be much older than Donn.

Celtic mythology is massively confusing and contradicting, so researching these deities can become difficult :joy: but I think it’s about time I explore their stories. I’ll keep you updated on what I find (when I have time to do this, of course lol)


Ooh. :star_struck: I’m looking forward to it. (We may also need some pronunciation guides along the way. :sweat_smile:)

They’re also in my impossible-to-get-through list of things I’d like to research to connect with my ancestry. Along with researching more about the symbolism of the Irish family crest. Eventually. One day. :rofl:


I feel like this is my motto right now :joy: one day…eventually…lol

haha I can do that!


They are an amazing culture :smile::smile::smile: :people_hugging: